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Your Faith Journey & a Bachelor of Arts in Apologetics

In today’s world filled with skepticism and eager reception of error, the need for grounded, articulate defenders of the Christian faith has never been more critical. Our Bachelor of Arts in Apologetics program is designed to equip believers with the knowledge and skills to confidently defend the faith that was once and for all handed down to the saints (Jude 2). This program also allows students to engage in meaningful dialogue with those of other worldviews (Acts 17), and deepen their understanding of Christian philosophy (Phil. 4:8). The B.A. in Apologetics can further your God-given calling, transforming not just your faith but how you live it out in the world.

Fulfilling Your Calling with a B.A. in Apologetics

The Bachelor of Arts in Apologetics offers a comprehensive education that goes beyond mere theological study. It is an invitation to engage deeply with philosophical ideas, ethical dilemmas, and the very essence of faith itself. Here’s how this degree can be a pivotal step in fulfilling your calling:

  • Defending the Faith: Learn to counteract various challenges and misconceptions about Christianity with grace and intellect, making you a beacon of truth in a sea of doubts.
  • Engaging Dialogues: Equip yourself with the ability to present a persuasive case for Christianity to people from diverse backgrounds and belief systems, fostering understanding and respect.
  • Philosophical Clarity: Clarify and refine your Christian worldview, ensuring that your faith is felt, understood, and reasoned, aligning closely with the teachings of Christ.
  • Academic Preparation: Lay a solid foundation for further studies, whether you aim for graduate work in apologetics or philosophy of religion, enhancing your academic and professional prospects.
  • Cultivating Virtue: Develop intellectual virtues, especially wisdom, which empower you to live out your faith with conviction and influence the world positively.


Man reading the Bible so he can defend his faith.


A Roadmap to Impact

The curriculum of a Bachelor of Arts in Apologetics program is also meticulously designed to ensure that each course directly contributes to these objectives. Whether through rigorous analysis, engaging discussions, or the completion of projects, students find themselves learning and applying what they learn in real-world contexts. Therefore, this hands-on approach ensures that graduates are well-versed in theory and proficient in practice, ready to make a difference in their communities and beyond.


Why Choose a B.A. in Apologetics?

Pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Apologetics is more than an academic decision; it’s a step towards embracing and fulfilling your divine calling. This program is ideal for those who are:

  • Passionate about their faith and eager to explore it deeply.
  • Looking to develop critical thinking, argumentation, and effective communication skills.
  • Aspiring to impact their communities and the wider world meaningfully through their witness and wisdom.


A Bachelor of Arts in Apologetics is not just a degree; it’s a journey towards understanding, defending, and living out your faith more fully. It equips you with the tools you need to navigate the challenges of modern society while staying true to your God-given calling. If you’re ready to take the next step in your faith journey, explore how this program can empower you to make a difference in the world, reflecting the love and wisdom of Christ in every aspect of your life.

For more information on how you can embark on this transformative journey, visit our program page and discover how to align your passion with your calling.