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Why choose Bible college?

Have you even considered pursuing a degree in Bible but not sure if Bible college is right for you? Maybe you are not sure what the advantages of attending a Bible college are or what career options you have when you graduate.

Bible College

Students who choose Bible college typically plan to go into full-time ministry. They often feel they are responding to God’s call to pursue ministry after they graduate. This may include planting a church, mission work, pastoring, evangelizing, or even children’s ministry.  Those attending Bible college may also use their degree as a stepping stone to seminary.

Bible colleges focus more on developing Christian leadership, offering degrees that have the primary purpose of an education in the Bible.  They are typically smaller in size and there is an emphasis on the study of Christian theology, practice, and ministry.  The primary purpose of Bible college is to receive an education in Bible.


Did you know that Bible college careers aren’t limited to just pastors?  Perhaps the biggest and most important reason to choose a Bible college is that students are able to learn in a unique, Christ-centered academic environment where they can discover God’s call on their lives. What could be more exciting than that?

Because the goal of a Bible college is to shape Christian leaders, there are plenty of career options available when you graduate. These opportunities can open doors to help others through Christ every single day, as well as enhance you personally and professionally.  Thousands of Bible college students go on to be counselors, educators, social workers, authors, and members of college faculties.  A Bible college degree can also provide the opportunity to become a pastoral associate, a missionary, a Bible translator, an educational program director, a lay leader, and more.

Whether you choose to work full-time in ministry or not, each of these careers is exceptionally rewarding because they serve Christ. As a minister, you will bring the Word of God to his people. An educator can fill students’ minds with the incredible things that God has done for them.  As a counselor, you will help improve broken individuals’ lives through the wisdom of God. As a missionary, you can travel the world bringing the message of hope to the masses.


In addition to above mentioned reasons for attending Bible college, another big factor is cost. Bible college tends to be less expensive than other colleges – especially with financial aid and payment plans that are available.

Whatever path you may choose, you will make an impact on the world through the biblical fundamentals you have studied.

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