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What Can I Do with a Bible College Degree?

Studying the Bible is a great blessing, whether in high school, college, or the workforce. A Bible college degree provides a solid foundation that applies to all areas of life and can prepare you for various career paths. At Carolina College of Biblical Studies, we offer a variety of undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Our undergraduate degrees include:

  • an associate’s in biblical studies
  • a bachelor’s in apologetics
  • a bachelor’s biblical counseling
  • a bachelor’s biblical studies

The graduate-level courses include:

  • a master’s in theological studies
  • a master’s in Bible translation
  • a Master of Divinity


Additionally, Bible colleges offer different types of classes to cater to the needs of their students. Some offer entirely online courses, and many indeed provide a combination of classroom, Zoom, and online learning.

Although we offer many programs, our foundational degree is in biblical studies. A Bible college degree in biblical studies is an excellent option for those who aspire to serve the Lord and positively impact their community. Students who attend Bible college often earn degrees and as a result, become:

  • associate/senior pastors
  • children’s pastors
  • youth pastors
  • Christian education teachers
  • chaplains
  • Christian counselors

In fact, some of our graduates have even become women’s ministry leaders, international missionaries, or have partnered with Wycliffe Associates to translate the Bible into different languages.

However, our previous blog, “What Degree Do You Get from Bible College?” mentions that nowadays Bible colleges have also expanded their degrees to include marketplace degrees as well. A Bible college degree can include mass communications/media studies and at some places, even organizational leadership, to name a few. Even so, a large number of credits for these marketplace degrees focus on the Bible.

To serve in today’s ministry, you need passion and a servant’s heart. A Bible college degree provides a unique opportunity to serve the Lord and make a positive difference in the lives of others. Although it may not offer the same financial benefits compared to other fields, it opens diverse job opportunities. It also allows you to continue your education by specializing in another area or attending graduate school.

Therefore, if you’re interested in working in the Christian ministry and making an impact on people’s lives, enroll in Bible college! Obtaining a degree is the first step toward a fulfilling and rewarding career. The possibilities are limitless, and getting a Bible college degree is just the beginning!

Bible college degree students from CCBS

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