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Understanding a College’s Mission, Vision, and Core Values

When considering a college, it is essential to understand its mission, vision, and core values. These elements form the foundation of the institution’s identity and can provide valuable insight into its culture and properties. If you are searching for a college to equip you for ministry, then Carolina College of Biblical Studies may be what you are looking for as you review its mission, vision, and core values.


Mission Statement

A college’s mission statement is a concise declaration of its purpose and ultimate objective. It specifies the institution’s reason for existence within a higher education context. Additionally, the mission statement communicates the college’s commitment to academic excellence, effectiveness in educational outcomes, and other key standards.

For example, the mission of Carolina College of Biblical Studies is to disciple Christ-followers through biblical higher education, for a lifetime of effective servant leadership. This mission statement emphasizes preparing students to be servant-leaders equipped for ministry.


Vision Statement

The vision statement formalizes its long-term aspirations and goals. It describes the future state that the institution strives to achieve, including ambitious yet achievable goals. A compelling vision statement inspires students, faculty, staff, and alumni, to work toward a common purpose, all in keeping with the mission statement.

At CCBS, the vision statement says that CCBS will be a premier institution of biblical higher education whose graduates launch and lead healthy ministries worldwide. This statement expresses a commitment to continuous improvement toward becoming a leader in biblical higher education, with alumni positioned globally while faithfully involved as leaders in ministry.

CCBS students and alumni doing mission work in Africa.

Core Values

Core values represent the fundamental beliefs and principles that guide an institution’s actions and decision-making. They serve as a compass, helping the college stay true to its mission and vision amid challenges and opportunities.

The following core values shape Carolina College of Biblical Studies to be intentionally biblical while influencing everything from curriculum development to student support services.

We value:

  • The authority of Scripture
  • The supremacy of Jesus Christ
  • Educational integrity
  • Multi-ethnicity
  • Ministry capability
  • Dependence on God through prayer


A college’s mission, vision, and core values are essential elements that define its identity and focus its direction. By understanding these foundational aspects, prospective students gain valuable insight into what a college stands for and determine if it aligns with their personal, ministerial, and academic goals.

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