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How do I transfer credits?

Students transfer to new colleges for various reasons, such as family responsibilities, financial considerations, or seeking a better academic fit. Are you currently taking college classes but interested in transferring to another school? Discover how you can transfer credits seamlessly. Explore steps, requirements, and tips to make your transfer credit process hassle-free.

1. Research

Begin by researching the new institution’s transfer policies. Each college or university may have different criteria and procedures for accepting transfer credits.

2. Contact the Registrar’s Office

Reach out to the Registrar’s Office at both your current institution and the new one. They can provide you with information on the transfer process, required documentation, and any deadlines you need to be aware of.

3. Gather Required Documents

You may need to gather official transcripts from your current institution as well as course descriptions or syllabi for the classes you wish to transfer. Some institutions may also require a Transfer Credit Evaluation form to be completed.


An example of gathering paperwork needed to transfer credits

4. Submit Your Application

Complete the application for transfer admission to the new institution if you haven’t already done so. Include any required documentation, such as official transcripts, with your application.

5. Wait for Evaluation

Once your application and transcripts are submitted, the new institution will evaluate your credits to determine which ones are eligible for transfer. This process may take some time, so be patient.

6. Review Transfer Credit Evaluation

Once the evaluation is complete, review the transfer credit evaluation provided by the new institution. This will indicate which credits have been accepted for transfer and how they will apply to your degree program.

7. Plan Your Course Schedule

With your transfer credits accepted, work with an academic advisor at the new institution to plan your course schedule and ensure you’re on track to meet degree requirements. It is also important to keep in communication with both your current institution and the one you plan to transfer to throughout the process to ensure a smooth transition.

For more information about CCBS’ transfer policy, please contact our admissions office at 910-323-5614 or admissions@ccbs.edu.