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Traditional vs. Online Education

You have decided to go to college, chosen your school, and declared your major. The next decision may be whether to pursue your degree in a traditional setting (on a college campus) or by taking your classes online. Several factors may play a part in deciding if traditional or online education is best for you.

Traditional Education:

Traditional College ClassroomDo you live close to the college campus? Do you have reliable transportation? Will you make it to class on time?

These are all questions you should consider if taking your classes on campus in a “traditional” setting. Many students enjoy learning face-to-face, but do not live close to the school. If their transportation is not reliable, this can cause unexcused absences. If you are working, you may not be able to make it to class on time because of your work hours. 

It is wise to consider how you will succeed. Students who are not disciplined to do an online education find it best to sit in class with an instructor and classmates present. They learn best when they can sit in a class, ask questions, and dialogue with their classmates. 

Online Education:

Online learning has become much more popular in the last ten years. Colleges that did offer online learning were once perceived as “diploma mills.” The growth of online programs has emerged and offers students a flexible way of earning their college degree.

Instead of a traditional campus education, online education offers students convenience by completing their degree in the comfort of their own home.  Students pursuing an online education need to make sure they have a working computer, reliable Internet, and basic computer skills. Online student do not typically have to be on the computer at a specific time which offers added flexibility. 

Online education offers more flexibility than attending class on campus, but a student needs to be disciplined to succeed. Students in an online program are doing a majority of the work on their own instead of having assistance in the classroom, so it is important to make sure you can shut out distractions if pursuing an online education.

Man sitting at a computer

Which modality is best?

The question of traditional education versus online education if often asked by students. They want to know which format is best. It all comes down to learning style, and your current living situation. 

Individuals who can work independently, are organized and disciplined can do well in an online learning environment. Those who enjoy interacting with their instructor and peers, and need the face-to-face interaction often do better pursuing an education on a college campus.

If you have transportation or work conflicts, online learning can be a great option. Alternatively, if having reliable Internet or computer issues is a concern, attending on campus may be better.

Neither format is “better” than the other. It all depends on which format works best for the student!

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