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The Purpose of College Education

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College is expensive. Between tuition, books, computers, late nights, time away from family…college is expensive. The expense is at least financial and psychological, if not much more. The question is, “Is it worth it?” What’s the purpose of college education at CCBS?

To answer that question, you must consider what the purpose of college education is. If college education is merely to become hirable, then maybe it’s not worth it. You can get a job without a degree. For some people, college is a means to an end—getting a better job or a better paying job. Yet others see college as an essential component of life. It helps you think critically, write clearly, and exposes you to the world so that you become a more rounded person. For some people, that’s all college is.

But the purpose of college education can, and should, be so much more.  At least it is within a biblical worldview. At Carolina College of Biblical Studies, we exist to disciple Christ-followers, through biblical higher education, to be effective servant leaders. That is our mission. For us, education involves more than just getting a better job and knowing stuff.

The question becomes, “What is the purpose of college education at CCBS?” In other words, why is it worth the investment? The following 4 pillars of our mission help CCBS stand apart.

CCBS exists to disciple Christ-followers, through biblical higher education, to be effective servant leaders.


We see our purpose as coming alongside students to help train them in spiritual formation, not just intellectual education. Discipleship is the key. One of the goals of our faculty is to model and mentor godly relationships with our students. The value-added of biblical education is that you are led by people who love Jesus and want you to be conformed into His image (Rom. 8:29).

Such a focus on discipling our students requires personal relationships. Our faculty know our students. Our students know our faculty. They eat lunch together. They serve together. They help one another. Discipling also requires a focus on spiritual formation. The classroom at CCBS is more than just the transfer of knowledge. Our mission is transformation.

Higher Education

Our mission is not merely discipleship through spiritual formation. Carolina College of Biblical Studies is an institution of biblical “higher education.” Higher education demands critical thinking skills, communication skills, research, and more. Our Bible College is not a glorified Bible study. It is college. All the rigor that you might expect at any other college or university, you can expect at CCBS.

Our faculty develop courses that meet the federal definition of a credit hour. These courses are filled with student learning objectives and assessments of student learning. Our degree programs are based on curriculum maps, scaffolding, and sequencing (fancy higher education words). Why? Because our mission is that our students leave equipped for the next level. CCBS seeks to produce lifelong learners.

Servant Leaders

The third pillar of our mission is that our graduates are leaders within their context. That is, they lead within their churches, their businesses, their families, and their communities. But the world has plenty of so-called leaders. The example that Jesus gave His disciples was one of servant leadership. That’s our mission, to train men and women to lead with servant hearts.

Becoming a servant leader requires two essential elements. First, it demands an understanding of leadership. Our courses train students to lead in a variety of areas. But second, it demands an understanding of servanthood. This second element is what is so difficult to learn in our modern world. But at CCBS, our students serve regularly. It’s a required component of their graduation…to be involved in some form of student ministry every semester. That may be serving as a pastor in their church, but it may also involve serving with the local rescue mission. At CCBS, we want our students to leave with a heart for and the feet of service for this world.


Let’s be honest, you could be a servant leader and not be effective. So, our aim to strive for excellence in our students. We don’t want them to have merely a servant’s heart. We want them to have a servant’s heart AND be effective.

Such effectiveness means they are well trained and equipped to do whatever God has called them to do. Such effectiveness means they are ready to serve the church as well as the marketplace. Our graduates are strong pastors and lay leaders. They are also the best nurses, office administrators, and teachers the world can find. They serve with integrity. They serve with excellence. They serve with effectiveness.

So What?

Is CCBS worth the investment? The answer depends on what you see as the purpose of college education. If you want a job, then CCBS can help. In 2021, 100% of graduates seeking employment in vocational ministry were employed at graduation. So, if your purpose is to get a job, CCBS can help.

But what if your purpose for college education is more than getting a good job. What if your purpose is to be trained, equipped, discipled, fulfilled, and ready for whatever God has called you to do? What if you want not only to have a job, but you want to have purpose and satisfaction? Then consider CCBS!

A 2019 Gallup Poll showed that graduates who align their work with their interests, values, and strengths are roughly 3 times more likely to experience high purpose in their work. [1]  If you are choosing to study something that aligns with your interests, values, and strengths (such as biblical studies, apologetics, etc.), then you will be more successful in your studies today and experience a higher purpose in your work tomorrow.

The same study went on to show that graduates with high purpose in work are almost 10 times more likely to have high overall well-being. In other words, working within your calling is good for you! It’s good for you, and it’s good for those you lead and serve.

Perhaps you should consider your purpose for college education. Is it more than getting a job? If so, consider CCBS as the place to satisfy your calling in life. If you’re ready to take the next step, consider joining us for an upcoming Preview Night, take our tuition-free class “How to Study the Bible,” or simply Apply Today.

Your Calling. Our Mission.

[1] https://www.gallup.com/education/248222/gallup-bates-purposeful-work-2019.aspx.