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The Admissions Process: How do I get started?

Bethany Minich, Admissions

You have decided that you are ready to go to college. But the idea of filling out paperwork, filing for financial aid, taking placement tests…well, it can be daunting. So where do you start? Who do you call?

Once you have decided where you would like to attend, the best place to start is the Admissions Office. Every college is going to have a different admissions process. Some schools will require the ACT or SAT. Some schools will require a certain GPA for admission. Others may require letters of recommendation. Again, every school has different admission policies.

You can contact the admissions office or visit the admissions page for the school.  There is typically a list of required items for admission. Often, you can start completing the admissions process online. Keep in mind that many times there is an application fee to apply to the college. But there are some schools where the application is free.

Almost all colleges will require an official high school or GED transcript. If you have been to college before, they will most likely want your college transcript(s) as well. Official transcripts have to be sent directly to the school; not to you. A lot of colleges use a third party to process their transcripts, so you can choose to have an electronic transcript sent. Just make sure your college will accept this delivery method.

I recommended reaching out to an Admissions Counselor at the school to make sure you understand the requirements for admissions and what documents are required. Your counselor can answer questions about the school, the program you are seeking admission for, and sometimes even financial aid related questions.

School start dates also vary, so it’s always a good idea to start the admissions process once you determine the school you wish to attend. Your admissions counselor can assist with program start dates and deadlines.

The admissions process does not have to be an overwhelming process. By visiting the school’s website and contacting the admissions office, the school can help you take one step at a time.

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