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Success in College?

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Success in College? Follow the advice from Carolina College of Biblical Studies Alumni!

College is challenging and if you work full time or have a family it can be extremely complicated.  Success in college is not automatic.  How to succeed in college? Why not take advice from recent alumni who offer a personal, inside perspective based on very similar situations.  Follow these 7 wise points of alumni advice for success in college:

1. Prayer

Make it your habit to pray before class, take a test, or attempt assignments.  Prayer calms the heart and focuses the mind.

2. Encouragement

Surround yourself with people who encourage you to move forward and persevere. Such encouragement will overcome those who say it can’t be done.

3. Clarification

Ask for clarity; If you don’t fully understand an assignment, ask for clarify.

4. Attentiveness

Review instructions, proofread, and read ahead.

5. Relax

It all starts in the mind! Every day first prepare your mind so you won’t be overwhelmed.

6. Time Management Skills

Avoid the added stress of procrastination and manage your time well.

Click here for a helpful time management tool

7. Spiritual Focus

Keep your focus Christ-centered and Scripture-focused.  God is at work!

During your time in college, enjoy the journey and above all, practice these 7 wise points of alumni advice and experience success in college. They made it and so can you!

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