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The word “apologetics” derives from a Greek word meaning “defense.” Hence, originally in English, people “make an apology” to provide a defense of some action. Now we usually use the word “apology” to mean “saying I’m sorry,” which is why many believers scratch their heads and wonder, “If I do study apologetics, am I saying I’m sorry that I’m a Christian?” Why, then, study apologetics?

Quite the opposite is true. B. B. Warfield defined apologetics as “the science which establishes the truth of Christianity as the absolute religion.” Christian apologetics today offers a defense of the Christian faith, the reasons why believers put their entire faith and hope in Jesus Christ, and why other religions, philosophies, and ideas contrary to Christianity are wrong.

Everyone is an apologist; the question is whether we are good ones or bad ones.

Why study apologetics? What’s the real need?

In a talk delivered at Belmont University recently, Dr. Norman Geisler answered this question in three ways.
  1. First, the Bible commands it. We are told to give a defense for the faith that is within us. We must contend for the faith and answer questions leveled against us.
  2. Second, the culture demands it. The world out there demands to know why we have a faith in here. And in a world with so many competing options, believers must demonstrate that Christianity is true and all other ideas opposed to it are false.
  3. Third, the church needs it. Barna research demonstrated that 51% of evangelical pastors do not have a Christian worldview.
We nearly lost the generation of millennials after college, and we are losing Generation Z before they even receive their high school diploma. Bart Ehrman, professor of New Testament studies at UNC-Chapel Hill and a militant atheist, has a blog that is ranked #29 in the top 100 Christian blogs on the internet.

Our Response

To meet these three challenges, Carolina College of Biblical Studies has joined the growing number of cutting-edge Christian schools of higher learning to provide training to ministers and lay people to help them give a reason for the hope that is within them. The heart cannot receive what the mind rejects, and the God who created reason will not bypass the head to get to the heart.

CCBS meets these needs in several ways. . .

  • The Apologetics Program emphasizes the practical aspects by linking apologetics with both evangelism and discipleship.
  • The classes on worldviews, cults and world religions, and Islam examine other beliefs to learn how to build bridges.
  • “Philosophy” is the love of wisdom, and the Apologetics Program brings the wisdom of the ages and of Christian thinkers to bear in the Philosophy of Hermeneutics, Great Thinkers, and Classical Theism specifically, with applications in classes like Ethics, Problems in Contemporary Apologetics, and even the class on Wisdom Literature.

To study apologetics helps believers be better evangelists, better disciple-makers, better counselors, pastors, teachers, as well as mothers and fathers who can teach their children to love the Lord with all their mind.

Learn More

To learn more about the Bachelor of Arts in Apologetics, contact us today.

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