Student Ministry

Equipping for effective servant leadership

What is CCBS Student Ministry?

Our mission is to prepare students for a “lifetime of effective servant leadership.” This means that we must do more than sit in a classroom and read books. We believe servant leadership is a vital outcome. Therefore, all students are required to complete “student ministry” every semester as part of their curriculum. 

Student ministry may involve what you are already doing, such as pastoring, serving in a prison ministry, greeting in your church, or being involved in a host of other activities. But it could also involve ministry outside the local church, including working at a rescue mission or other local parachurch organization. 



Student Ministry Points are earned in these ways:

 Approval – If there is any question concerning an approved ministry, please submit an emailed description of the anticipated ministry by the end of Week One to the Student Ministry Coordinator.

Action – Under the direction of a supervisor, invest at least 25 hours of ministry throughout each term in which a student is enrolled.

Assessment – Two online forms are completed by the end of the appropriate term (Self-Assessment and Supervisor forms).


Student Ministry Self-Assessment is completed electronically. You will be asked to supply the following information:

  • Your name, student number, and email address
  • Student Ministry Position
  • Supervisor’s Name
  • Ministry Title
  • Church or Organization Name
  • A brief description of your ministry including specific jobs and responsibilities 
  • What you learned from your ministry experience
  • Rate your student ministry opportunity
  • The ways in which CCBS courses and overall experiences contributed to your student ministry


The Student Ministry Supervisor form is completed electronically. The supervisor will be asked to supply the following information:

  • Supervisor’s email address
  • Student’s Name and Ministry Position
  • Supervisor’s Name and Ministry Title
  • Church or Organization Name
  • Address and Phone Number
  • Approximate ministry hours this quarter
  • Complete and evaluation of the student’s ministry including student’s strengths and areas of needed growth


    The key is Christian service. Examples include serving in the children’s ministry of your church, student ministry, or women’s ministry. Or maybe you lead a discipleship group or small group, serve the homeless in your community, or any comparable ministry. 

    The key is that our graduates leave with more than head knowledge. Our goal is that we all have a servant’s heart exhibited in regular service in our churches and communities. 

    Students serving

    Church/Faith-Based Organization


    Thank you for letting us know your church’s/faith-based organization’s needs! Although filling out this form does not guarantee that we will be able to find students to meet your needs, it will help us to let students know what ministry opportunities are available in the area.


    Make sure that all boxes are completed. If a question is not applicable, please put N/A in the appropriate box.


    Submit it to the Student Ministry Coordinator by clicking on the button at the bottom of this page.

    Contact Us

    You may contact our office with any questions or comments.
    Office: (901) 323-5614