Ministry Formation

Equipping for effective servant leadership

What is CCBS Ministry Formation?

The purpose of the Ministry Formation Program is to provide a formal program which utilizes both curricular and co-curricular activities to ensure students engage in the development of ministry formation throughout their enrollment at CCBS. 

At CCBS, we want students to leave with more than head knowledge. We desire that they leave with the heart (attitude of a Christian servant) and the hands (skills of the profession/ministry of choice) to be effective in serving the Church and world. The Ministry Formation program aims to promote the development of effective witnesses and servants in the church and world at large. 


MINISTRY Formation

6 Pillars of Ministry Formation Points are earned in these ways:

 Advisor Program – Every student is assigned an academic advisor whose purpose is to serve the student from degree selection, course selection, and offer guidance from matriculation to commencement. Advisors serve as the first-level contact for all students.

Chapel Program – Chapel occurs every Tuesday of the semester (fall & spring) at 10:30am. The purpose of chapel is to create a venue for community, fellowship, spiritual growth, and faithful teaching by our president, faculty, and occasional community leaders. Students are required to participate. 

Ministry Formation Groups Program – Ministry Formation Groups are designed as small group discipleship-focused opportunities for students. The purpose of MFGs is to connect students with faculty mentors & field mentors who can help them shape & fulfill their ministry goals. During the semester, students are connected to a faculty member who’ll facilitate purposeful discussions. Students will also be able to serve within their local church or community to get hands-on experience.

Curricular Aspects – Particular courses focus on the concepts of spiritual formation and leadership. These courses help build a curricular knowledge of core concepts required in being effective witnesses & servants. Courses include: Spiritual Formation, Evangelism & Ministry, Introduction to Leadership, Introduction to Discipleship, and Servant Leadership. 

Supervised Ministry – All bachelor’s and master’s degree programs include a culminating “supervised ministry” experience where students are connected to a field mentor. The purpose is to give a more complete experience, usually including practical hands-on application in their chosen profession or volunteer ministry field. 

Ministry Placement Office – The purpose of the Ministry Placement Office is to serve our students in building resumes, communicating local job opportunities to students, & serving as a clearinghouse for local churches on students seeking to serve in ministry. 

Chapel Requirements:

Chapel is required of all students. However, we realize that not all students can participate on campus during the live experience for many reasons. Therefore, students are given the option of attending in-person, watching the livestream feed, or watching a recording of chapel.

To receive chapel credit, a student must:

  • Participate in at least 10 of the 15 chapels per semester by either attending, watching the livestream, or watching the recording within 7 days.
  • Submit a simple acknowledgement of their participation for each chapel experience through their Ministry Formation Group classroom.

Ministry Formation Group REQUIREMENTS:

MFGs are semester-long groups that provide on-going service and ministry opportunities to foster spiritual & ministry formation in our students.

MFGs are 0 credits, however, they do appear on the degree audit. These groups are part of the graduation requirements for all associate, bachelor’s, and master’s students.

Students are assigned a faculty advisor and in most cases require:

  • Discussion boards within Populi
  • Selected readings
  • 1-2 face-to-face meetings (live or virtual)
  • Service hours at their church or community site
  • Associate students = 3 MFG
  • Bachelor students = 6 MFG (cumulative)
  • Master students = 1 MFG per 30 credits 


    The key is Christian service. Examples include serving in the children’s ministry of your church, student ministry, or women’s ministry. Or maybe you lead a discipleship group or small group, serve the homeless in your community, or any comparable ministry. 

    The key is that our graduates leave with more than head knowledge. Our goal is that we all have a servant’s heart exhibited in regular service in our churches and communities. 

    Students serving

    Church/Faith-Based Organization


    Thank you for letting us know your church’s/faith-based organization’s needs! Although filling out this form does not guarantee that we will be able to find students to meet your needs, it will help us to let students know what ministry opportunities are available in the area.


    Make sure that all boxes are completed. If a question is not applicable, please put N/A in the appropriate box.


    Submit it to the Student Ministry Coordinator by clicking on the button at the bottom of this page.

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