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Your Calling. Our Mission.

Your Calling. Our Mission.

God has called you to serve Him. For whatever calling God has given you, CCBS exists to equip you for that mission. Has God called you to serve Him in the local church? Our mission is to train you for that mission. Has God called you to serve Him in the marketplace? Our mission is to prepare you adequately. Has God called you to educate your children? Our mission is to assist you in that mission.
Your calling is our mission.

Personal Relationships

We are family. While students do not live on campus in dorms, we do life together. Walk right into the President’s Office and catch up on life and ministry. Eat lunch with your professor in the break room, or run down the road to a local restaurant with classmates. 

Before class, during break, and after class, the hallway echoes with conversations and laughter. At CCBS, you’re not a number…you’re a real person! 

Students are often invited to serve in local churches. Professors lead local conferences, preach in local churches, and serve together in the community. 



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David Probus

David Probus

David Probus currently serves as a library assistant at CCBS. Previously he served for 11 years in a youth ministry and now is the assistant teacher for a men’s Sunday School class. David first enrolled in the CCBS course How to Study the Bible which opened his eyes to the potential of a lifetime of servant-leadership ministry. David went on to minor in both Apologetics and biblical languages, completing his degree in 2016. David continues his training as a student at Southern Evangelical Seminary.   David gratefully remembers each professor who took the time to mentor and to disciple so that he can now have a similar impact on current students.

“CCBS has enriched my relationship with God and taught me how to get into God’s Word and figure out what he is trying to tell us and to help others do the same thing with their life.”

Melinda Ragin

Melinda Ragin

Melinda Ragin is a member of the class of 2019 and owns her own beauty salon artfully called Kut’n Up @ Melinda’s, located in Fayetteville, NC. In addition to providing this service to the community, she builds her business on the ethical principles of God’s Word and uses every opportunity to introduce customers to the Lord. CCBS advanced her understanding of the Bible, so she conducts a thriving business with honesty and integrity.

Michael Gist

Michael Gist

Michael Gist is currently the senior pastor of The Life Center church in St. Pauls, NC. He graduated from CCBS with a Bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies and a minor in Biblical Counseling. He completed his Master of Arts in Pastoral Counseling at Liberty University. He is also a professor at CCBS and teaches Biblical Counseling classes. 

“After the first few months of becoming a pastor, I ran out of steam. I didn’t even know how to pastor. It was my first senior pastor position, and I knew I needed training because I wanted to be the best I could be for the glory of the Lord. I felt that CCBS was the most professional from the office to the classroom. The professors really cared about the circumstances you were facing.”