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Transfer Credit Policy

CCBS accepts applicable credits from other institutions of higher learning and may allow credit for CLEP, USAFI, and service school courses, provided such credits are completed with a grade average of C or above.

Credit students must provide one official copy of all previous transcripts of the educational institutions they have attended. Official transcripts are to be sent from the issuing institution directly to admissions@ccbs.edu or mailed to:

Carolina College of Biblical Studies
Attn: Office of the Registrar
817 S. McPherson Church Rd.
Fayetteville, NC 28303

Grades for accepted courses will not be transferred into the student’s GPA, but credits will be recorded on the student’s transcripts. Credits that are not applicable to the student’s curriculum will not be transferred. The administration reserves the right to transfer partial credit rather than full credit as is deemed appropriate.

Transfer from Unaccredited Institutions Policy

Some churches and organizations have formed Schools of Ministry/Bible Institutes where students gain practical ministry experience and receive some formal theological education while being taught at the highest standards by academically qualified instructors. When the educational quality and learning objectives are commensurate with what is offered through CCBS degree programs, CCBS may partner with such organizations by recognizing them as an unaccredited institution from which we allow new students to transfer up to 30 hours of credit to CCBS at the undergraduate level, unless otherwise stipulated.

Approval is granted on a case-by-case basis after evaluation of syllabi and corresponding documentation of academic and ministry experience. Approval comes at the discretion of the Registrar.

Residential Hours Required

CCBS believes it is important that the school has a significant imprint on the student before granting a degree from our institution. Therefore, each degree program has a set number of required hours that must be taken through CCBS. The majority of the residential hours should be taken at the conclusion of the degree.

  • Associate Degrees 30 hours required
  • Bachelor’s Degrees 48 hours required
  • Graduate Degree 2/3 of the total required credit hours for the degree are required in residence

The Registrar, in conjunction with the Provost, will evaluate transfer requests relative to the requirements of CCBS.

Prior Learning Experience

At Carolina College of Biblical Studies, we recognize that learning takes place both inside and outside the college classroom, and we understand that what you have learned is more important than where or how you learned it. Since adult learners can attain college-level knowledge in many ways, we offer the opportunity to earn college credit based on your previous training and experience.

Students may earn college credit by submitting a comprehensive Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) Portfolio along with the accompanying fees. PLA credit requests must be submitted during the first semester of attendance and may be submitted for up to 20% of a given degree.

maximum of 12 credit hours

maximum of 24 credit hours

maximum of 6 credit hours for MA in Bible Translation
maximum of 9 credit hours for 9 for MA in Theological Studies
maximum of 15 credit hours for Master of Divinity

In most cases, PLA credit is used for elective or general education credits. If the student is granted credit for the requested course(s), the student will receive a CR (credit) on their transcript and the course will not be calculated in the student’s GPA. If they are not allowed credit, no record will appear on the transcript and the student will be required to enroll in the appropriate course(s).

For a full explanation of the process and fees related to PLE, visit the Policies page of our website.

Updated: July 2023