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Grading Scale


Quality points are awarded according to the following chart:

A 100–91 Excellent 4.0
B 90–81 Very Good 3.0
C 80–71 Average 2.0
D 70–61 Passing (undergraduate)
Failing (graduate)
F 60 or below Failing (undergraduate) 0.0

To encourage students to excel to the next level, we endorse a +/- grading system. The top point of each grade scale receives a + and adds 0.3 quality points (B+ = 3.3). The bottom point of each grade scale receives a – and subtracts 0.3 quality points (B- = 2.7). The purpose is to encourage students to work to improve their grade to the next level, even within the same letter grade.

Students must complete their work with a cumulative average of 2.0 in order to receive their degree. If a student repeats a course, the higher grade will be used to calculate GPA, though both marks will be listed in the degree audit.


Each instructor is responsible for setting the requirements for courses and for informing students of the grading scale that is used (usually on the course syllabus). The symbols defined below are used for all degree programs and coordinate with Populi.

A Superior The A grade recognizes a student’s exceptional ability and outstanding performance in the class.
B Better than Average The B grade signifies that the student has demonstrated a better and more effective command of the material than is generally required to pass the course.
C Competent The C grade is the certification that the student has demonstrated an acceptable level of competency in the course of study. A student must achieve a cumulative average grade of C (2.0) in order to graduate.
D Deficient The D grade signifies that the student’s grasp of the academic components of the course was minimal or deficient.
F Failure The F grade indicates a student’s failure to master the essentials of the course. A student must repeat the course before credit may be allowed.
FN Failure for Non-Attendance Implies a student has not maintained the required attendance percentage. The result is a grade of F in the course.


AUD Audit Student audited the course. Audit grades do not apply toward degree requirements.
CR Credit Credit is given for this course.
I Incomplete Student granted extensions to complete assignments.
P Passing Credit given for a credit/no credit course. This grade is not used in computing the student’s GPA.
R Retake The course was repeated or an equivalent course has been completed. (Only the course with the highest grade is calculated in the GPA.)
W Withdrawal Student withdrew from the course.
WF Withdrawal (Failing) Student withdrew from the course and was failing the course at the time of the withdrawal.
SD Simple Drop Student dropped the course during the Drop/Add period.