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Grade Appeal Process

A Grade Appeal involves only those situations in which a student believes that an instructor: (a) has not followed fair grading practice, or (b) has not followed published grading policy.

A student who wishes to appeal a final grade based on one or both reasons must follow these procedures:

  1. The student must first contact the instructor for a full explanation of the grade given and the basis for assigning the grade.
  2. If there is no resolution, then the student may file a grade appeal request in writing and include any supporting documents to the Provost. If a grade appeal request is not received by the college within 6 weeks of the end date of the course, then the student will forfeit any further right to appeal.
  3. After the college receives the grade appeal request, it will be forwarded to the instructor for response.
  4. The Academic Appeals Committee will meet to review the form and submitted documents. The decision of the committee will be final and binding upon all parties.