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Attendance Policy

Credit students are required to attend class. Regardless of the situation, all absences are marked as “absent” in Populi. Students who arrive late for class by 30 minutes or less are marked tardy (likewise, a student who leaves early may be marked tardy due to missing class). Two (2) tardies count as one (1) absence. Students may make up missed work/exams at the discretion of the instructor.

16-week Seated Classes 3 absences are allowed
8-week Online Classes 1 absence is allowed

Students who arrive late by more than 30 minutes or leave early by more than 30 minutes will be marked absent.

Students who miss the maximum allowed absences will be given a grade of FN (Failure for Non-attendance).

In the event a student exceeds the maximum allowed absences, the student may appeal in writing to the Provost within 7 days of the absence. If approved, the exceeded absence will be considered excused. However, any additional absences will result in failure for non-attendance. Only one appeal is allowed per course per semester.

Online Course Attendance & Participation Policy

All students taking an online class must complete the Course Expectation Checklist (CEC) by 11:59 p.m. ET of Wednesday of the first week of the course. Failure to complete the CEC may result in the student being dropped from the course. Completion of the CEC is considered participation in the course.

In an online course, students must participate weekly to be marked present. Participation requires:

  • submission of a discussion board post,
  • submission of an assignment, or
  • completion of a test within Populi.

Students who do not show participation in a given week will be marked absent for that week.

Professors may add additional parameters to the participation policy, but this policy reflects the minimum standard for the attendance policy.

Hybrid-Intensive Weekend Attendance Policy

Hybrid-intensive classes are designed with limited face-to-face time in the classroom (i.e., Friday & Saturday only). Therefore, attendance is mandatory for engaging with the professor and course material, participating in critical discussions/activities, and maximizing the learning experience. Students are required to attend all portions of the intensive weekends. Students are expected to arrive on time for all sessions and not leave early. Students must attend the entirety of the on-campus portion of the class in order to receive credit for the class.

Failure to be present throughout the entire hybrid-intensive weekend will result in a grade of FN (failure for non-attendance). In the event the same course is being offered simultaneously in an online format, the student may switch to the online course but is required to satisfy all attendance and course requirements.

In the case of extreme emergencies, contact the Registrar’s Office.