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Academic Standing Policy


Continued enrollment at CCBS depends upon a student’s ability to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) toward attaining a degree (see Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy). The College measures this ability by the student’s cumulative grade point average as well as their progression toward a degree. To assist students in maintaining SAP, CCBS has adopted academic standards designed to provide early identification of students who are experiencing academic difficulty and to provide timely intervention through academic support.

Every student’s academic standing is reviewed at the end of each semester. A student is considered to be in good standing if that student has a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0 and is passing 67% of their overall attempted credits.

Students who fall below the SAP standards will enter into an academic discipline plan as required by the US Department of Education:

  • Academic Warning
    • A student whose cumulative GPA is less than 2.0 or who is not passing 67% of their overall attempted credits will be placed on Academic Warning. Students on warning are granted one semester of financial aid eligibility to meet SAP. No appeal is needed. Academic Warning will not appear on the student’s transcript.
  • Academic Probation
    • At the end of the warning semester, any student who continues to fall below standards will be placed on Academic Probation. At this point, the student is no longer eligible for financial aid. If the student has experienced extenuating circumstances and wishes to continue receiving financial aid, they should submit an appeal per the process outlined in Satisfactory Academic Progress. Students may be granted one semester of eligibility under probation, after which another SAP evaluation will be made. Instances of Academic Probation will appear on student transcripts.
  • Academic Probation with an Academic Plan
    • A student who continues to not meet academic standards after a semester of probation is no longer eligible for aid. The student may submit a second appeal different from their first appeal to be considered for continued aid eligibility under an Academic Plan.
    • If the appeal is granted, an Academic Plan will be developed by the Financial Aid Appeals Committee. The goal of the plan is to help the student meet the minimum academic standards within a set period of time. The plan may include steps such as a reduction in hours taken per semester, required GPA per course or semester, meeting regularly with a tutor, etc. The student remains eligible for financial aid as long as they meet the requirements of the Academic Plan. Failure to meet the requirements will result in terminal loss of financial aid. 
  • Reinstatement After Loss of Aid
    • A student who loses financial aid eligibility may petition the College after at least a full semester without aid. The petition must include written evidence of a change in circumstances that allows the student to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress. Evidence may include improvement or change in job, family status, or health issues. Students are also encouraged to show completion of remedial coursework applicable to their degree pursuits at CCBS. Reinstatement of aid eligibility is not automatic.
    • Students whose eligibility is reinstated will be immediately placed on Academic Probation with an Academic Plan and must meet the requirements of the prescribed plan (see above). Any student who loses aid eligibility a second time will no longer receive aid at CCBS regardless of petition or appeal.

Last Updated: July 2023