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Operation More Compassion

This past week we celebrated Veterans Day at Carolina College of Biblical Studies. We love to show appreciation for our students and faculty that have proudly served our military! Today we would like to introduce you to a CCBS alumni. Meet Pastor James Simmons Jr! He is the founder of Operation More Compassion. The mission of the ministry is to minister to anyone who may be contemplating suicide. The special team of ministers and veteran volunteers work specifically with current and former military. They are always on the lookout for those who are suicidal and depressed. The team looks for opportunities to show God’s love through care and compassion. James stand behinds the principle that compassion can save a life.

Pastor James Simmons Jr. served proudly in the United States Army and Navy. He was an Army Sergeant serving in the 82nd Airborne division, and served active duty in the Navy from 1987-1990.  Aside from his service he received his degree from CCBS, a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies and Minor in Biblical counseling. Aside from being a pastor, he also has a special skillset as an auto mechanic which also allows for him to minister to others.

Through the ministry James believes that it is important to give the gift of God’s word and time. They do this by giving a free bible, talking to, and praying with them as well as sharing a meal. Everyone who participates gets a free operation more compassion t-shirt. In addition to this, they take trips together, like visiting the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte, NC for inspiration or a simple fishing trip for fellowship. The heart in this ministry is to encourage soldiers to seek Jesus instead of suicide.

Operation More Compassion does accept donations, if you’re interested in making a donation please contact James at: jamessimmonsjr53@yahoo.com or (910) 391-2528. The donations go on to support the work of the ministry such as providing free resources, t shirts, bibles, biblical counseling, assisting with taking participants to appointments, uplifting trips, gift cards at Christmas, automobile repair advice, food delivery, and yard work.

Other ways that you can support the ministry is through volunteering and of course prayer. Please pray that the ministry will continue to be effective in reaching the lost for Christ!

To learn more about Operation More Compassion you can visit them here at: https://www.facebook.com/OMCSAVE1LIFE