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Ministry Meetup: Tyson Banks A Call To Ministry

At Carolina College of Biblical Studies we like to take the time to highlight some of our current and former students who are working diligently in ministry to advance the gospel. In 2011, Tyson Banks felt the call to ministry after attending a youth camp in Ft. Caswell, NC. At the time, he was not entirely sure what that call to ministry would specifically look like. But, it did lead him to being studying at CCBS in 2013. He is currently an active online student at CCBS. Tyson has cheerfully noted that he has enjoyed taking classes from many of the professors, all of which he admires greatly. He has mentioned that one of the strengths of CCBS is the tight knit community and the care that each professor gives to the students.

Since Tyson has been a student at CCBS pursuing a bachelor’s in Advanced Theological Studies, he has also been actively working in youth ministry. Tyson started his first job as a youth minister at Antioch Baptist Church in Falcon, NC.  In August of 2020, Tyson was offered a position at Broadus Memorial Baptist Church in Mechanicsville, Virginia. Currently, he is the youth minister to roughly a group of 30 teens spanning across two of the church’s campuses. Before Covid-19 these groups were much larger. He accredited his knowledge from CCBS in the areas of doctrine and the biblical of study of prayer as being essential to his ministry.

We asked Tyson if he had any special request for his ministry. He stated that he only asks for our prayers. On behalf of CCBS, we would like to ask that you lift Tyson and his wife Rebecca up in prayer as they minister to the young people in their new church. Please pray for wisdom, efficiency, strength, endurance, and blessings on their efforts to share the gospel with the youth.

If you would like to learn more about Tyson, you can connect with him here: Tysonbanks@gmail.com or visit https://www.broaduschurch.org/youth-ministry-2/  to learn more about Tyson’s ministry.