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Maintenance of My Spirit in Him

This summer I have been doing a lot of driving. We are out of school, so my son has been involved in several fun camp activities. Since he is under age, that means that I am in the driver’s seat a LOT. I remind myself that he will be grown and away from home before I know it, so I try to enjoy all my road time with great conversation and music.

This morning as I drove him to soccer workouts, the “check engine” light flashed on my dashboard. I was only a block away from the soccer field, so when I stopped to let my son out, I said a quick prayer about the car and pulled out the operating manual. I remembered this light coming on before, but I needed a reminder of what to do.

My car’s operating manual lists several possibilities that could cause the maintenance light to come on. Then, the book provides some simple steps to go through as you determine what the problem is and how to solve it. As it turns out, one of the possibilities occurs when you don’t screw on the gas cap tightly enough after you add fuel. I remembered that when I filled the car earlier today I was in a rush and tried to hurry through the process.

I went to the side of the car, and sure enough, the gas cap was quite loose. I tightened it properly and returned to the driver’s seat. When I started the car, the maintenance light did not come on again. What a relief! I prayed a heartfelt thanks to God and started home.

On the way home, I started wishing that I had a “check engine” light for my life. Some kind of alert or notice when I needed to pay attention to a certain area of my body, spirit, or behaviors.

Wouldn’t it be great??

When I find myself snapping at my husband or son, a light comes on to remind me to take quiet time or get by myself to pray.

If I become easily frustrated or overwhelmed with household chores, a light comes on to indicate it’s time for a quick walk around the block with upbeat Christian music in my earphones.

For those days when I’m extra sluggish or even blue, a light comes on to remind me to call for an appointment with my doctor or therapist.

If I start to question God’s plan or purpose for me, a light comes on to encourage me to open my Bible and read the promises in Psalms or the New Testament.

Do you need a “check engine” light, friends? Do you need an alert system to remind you to take care of yourself? For physical, emotional, relational, or spiritual maintenance?

Let’s be that light to one another, if we can’t seem to heed our own inner warnings. If I see my sister seeming burdened, let me have wisdom to stand alongside her, offering her love, encouragement, or help. If you notice your children are extra cranky, show them how to perform self maintenance on their feelings or spiritual paths.

Prayer, Bible reading, music, worship—private and public, individual and corporate, good works, reaching out to others, taking care of our bodies and our feelings….these are but some of our tools for maintenance, CCBS family.

What do you do to maintain yourself? Your body, your emotions, your spirit? Let’s share with one another and help each other stay healthy in all ways, keeping ready for Kingdom work.

Praying for the maintenance of my spirit in Him,

– Dr. Shari Finkler


Jeremiah 7:23 

 “but I gave them this command: Obey me, and I will be your God and you will be my people. Walk in obedience to all I command you, that it may go well with you.”