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Logos Seminar: August 14, 2018

We strive to train students to be faithful students of God’s Word. That is why we require all degree-seeking students to purchase Logos Bible Software. However, sometimes students get overwhelmed by the power and scope of what this software can do.

To help, we offer periodic “focus seminars” on campus. Recently, we offered a seminar on using the “notes” and “clippings” features, as well as an entire seminar on using the “library” and creating different “layouts.” In general, we try to offer two seminars each term.

The next seminar is coming up on Tuesday, August 14, 2018, from 11:45 am–12:45 pm.

The goal of the August seminar is “How to Highlight Effectively.” Seems a bit simplistic? Logos actually has some neat tricks for highlighting. Not only are there inductive highlight pens, shortcuts to different colors, but you can actually create your own style set. With Logos, you can actually highlight the main thesis of a book…and the phrase “thesis” will show up when you highlight. Or you can have the phrases: “point 1,” “point 2,” etc. appear.

Perhaps one of the coolest tricks in Logos highlighting is to make all highlights in a particular book show up in a unique “notes document.” Imagine that you’re reading a book for an upcoming book review. You can read…highlight…and then go to a document that has all of those documents pulled together. How much easier could that book review be now!

Join us for this free seminar on the campus of Carolina College of Biblical Studies. The public is welcome to join. And we encourage you to bring your laptop in order to replicate what we’re showing you in the seminar. For more information, call us at (910) 323-5614.