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Is CCBS Accredited and Non-Denominational?

There are many factors to consider when choosing a college. One of the top factors should include making sure the college is accredited.


Accreditation is recognition by an authoritative agency that the college upholds certain educational standards.

Our previous blog, “Accreditation: Yes or No?” states that there are two different categories in accrediting agencies: institutional and programmatic. Institutional means that the entire institution is covered, along with all of its academic programs. Programmatic applies to a specific program such as law, medicine, business, etc.

CCBS falls under the institutional category, and we can proudly say that we are accredited through the Association for Biblical Higher Education. We became accredited in 2013 and were reaffirmed in 2018 for the next 10 years. Reevaluation is a necessary process that happens every 10 years.

CCBS focal wall; we are thankful to be accredited and able to train students in the Word!

Accreditation matters because it:

  • Shows students and parents that the school is solid and effective
  • Proves that the school meets a certain standard
  • Validates your degree and increases your chances of employment
  • Determines if a student can transfer credits to the school
  • Demonstrates positive retention and graduation rates
  • Allows a college or university to offer financial aid (grants and loans)

Regardless of whether a college is public, private, or Christian, it’s important to make sure it’s accredited. Another factor to consider, specifically for Christian colleges, is whether or not there is any denominational affiliation.

Denominational Affiliation

CCBS is a non-denominational Bible college. When CCBS was founded in 1973, it was the desire of our president, Dr. Bill Owens, to train men and women from all denominations in the Word of God.

After 50 years, we remain a non-denominational college. In addition, our professors teach straight from the scriptures, regardless of our students’ denominational background. We train our students to understand the Bible so that they have the foundation to launch and lead healthy ministries worldwide.

To learn more about us, visit ccbs.edu or contact (910) 323-5614.