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How to Study the Bible

It is common for many people to read their Bible and think, “I have no idea what that passage of Scripture is about!” As an attempt to address that frustration, Carolina College of Biblical Studies began offering its tuition-free, signature How to Study the Bible course 15 years ago. Though there is a $50 fee for books and materials, it is waived for active-duty soldiers and their dependents.

By taking How to Study the Bible, students will also learn:

  • principles of interpretation that are applied to the Bible
  • how to understand the Bible better
  • and communicate their faith more effectively

It is taught as an entry-level college course and includes current students, as well as those who are merely testing the waters.

A How to Study the Bible student

As with most CCBS courses, How to Study the Bible is a 16-week long course. It is offered twice each semester on campus and through Zoom, both in the morning and the evening. Additionally, it is offered several times per year online. Due to the many course offerings, it will fit nearly everyone’s schedule.

Over the past 15 years, nearly 2,000 people have taken How to Study the Bible and about 10% of them have ended up in a degree program. When those students enroll in a degree program, they earn course credit because How to Study the Bible is a requirement for all degree seekers.

Why do students who were merely testing the waters enroll in degree programs?

The short answer is that the Word of God, the Bible, is transformational! Lives are changed as God’s people read, study, and apply its rich truths to their lives.

Overwhelmingly, the people who take the How to Study the Bible course report that it was a life-altering course for them and they highly recommend it to others.

To learn more about the course, visit ccbs.edu, check out our video, or contact (910) 323-5614.