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How to Prepare for Seminary

Feel called to be a pastor? Want to know God’s Word better? Maybe you feel a desire to help others through biblical counseling? All of these are worthy goals, but they all require preparation. For many students, the call to ministry is a call to prepare. Prepare for seminary!

How to Prepare for Seminary

Seminary is a graduate-level program (also known as a masters degree) designed to prepare men and women for ministry. Some students attend seminary because they are called to serve the church as a pastor, youth minister, or discipleship pastor. Other students want to obey the Great Commission and serve on the mission field. Still, others simply want the advanced studies in the Bible.

Whichever is your desire, seminary is designed to fulfill that niche. Seminary is designed to prepare you for ministry. But how do you prepare for seminary? When I first went to seminary, I had been out of college for two years. I had forgotten some of the finer arts of writing and doing research. And I certainly wasn’t ready to study Greek, Hebrew, doctrine, New Testament survey, and all that!

What if you could prepare for seminary? Imagine getting your feet wet in Greek and Hebrew. What if you could take a series of Bible doctrine courses, OT and NT survey, and some church history PRIOR to sitting down before your first seminary professor? That’s the goal of Carolina College of Biblical Studies‘ newest bachelor’s degree.

Bachelor of Arts in Advanced Theological Studies

At CCBS, 55% of our graduates continue into a masters program. Many of programs are at local seminaries, such as Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Liberty University, Columbia International University, and Southern Evangelical Seminary. To assist future students in preparing for seminary, we have tailored a new degree at the undergraduate level for success at the graduate level.

The objectives of the new Advanced Theological Studies degree include:

  • To provide graduates a foundation in biblical truths that equip them to defend and communicate the Bible.
  • To challenge graduates to express an understanding and appreciation of their position in Christ.
  • To give graduates a foundation in biblical languages in preparation for the graduate level.
  • To enable graduates the skills necessary to complete advanced research and thesis writing in preparation for graduate level work.
  • To provide graduates the ability to recognize differing worldviews and minister effectively and creatively to them.
  • To encourage graduates to be active participants in God’s global work.

Courses include:

  • Introduction to Apologetics
  • Biblical Theology
  • Bible Exposition
  • Advanced Discipleship
  • Greek
  • Hebrew
  • Church History
  • Great Thinkers

One of the unique components of the Advanced Theological Studies degree is that the program culminates with students writing a thesis. This component allows them to write a research paper in a field of their choosing, showcasing their knowledge, research, and skills. One of my greatest hurdles going into seminary was writing. The thesis will help students improve and master key skills for success at the graduate level.

Learn More

If you want to prepare for seminary, consider beginning with our Bachelor of Arts in Advanced Theological Studies. We believe it will set you up for success. To learn more,

  1. Email us at info@ccbs.edu.
  2. Call us at (910) 323-5614.
  3. Visit us at our next Preview Day event to learn more.

And if you’re concerned by how to afford a Bible college education, consider downloading our free e-Book, 5 Creative Ways to Fund Your Bible College Education.