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Transfer Students

Are you looking to transfer your credits?

A vast majority of our student population here at CCBS are transfer students. A transfer student is someone who has attended college in the past and is looking to switch to another school. One of the most asked questions we get is whether we accept credits from another school and how many we will accept.

Keep in mind there is no blanket transfer policy. Each college or university has a transfer policy specific to their school. Most schools, including Carolina College of Biblical Studies, require a minimum number of residential credits or credits taken at the school. For example, if John Doe attended ABC University and has only four classes left to graduate with his bachelor’s degree, we will not award a degree if he takes four classes with us. Students are often frustrated with this news, but when we award degrees to our students it means most of their classes were taken at CCBS, not ABC University. Most accredited colleges will have a residential requirement.

Transferring Credits

College students

The good news is that most students can transfer previous college credits if they have attended an accredited school. It is vital to make sure that when you begin college, or are looking to transfer, you attend a school that is reputable and has been acknowledged by an educational institution and meets acceptable standards.

CCBS is nationally accredited by ABHE (Association for Biblical Higher Education). We transfer credits from other regionally or nationally accredited schools. Often, we will transfer credits from other accrediting agencies such as TRACS.

As previously mentioned, every college has a specific transfer policy. Some schools will only transfer credits if they were taken in the last 10 years. CCBS, however, does not place an expiration date on credits. If you took classes 25 years ago, we will still review the classes you took. Additionally, if you have already taken general education classes (e.g., English, Math, History), we will not require you to re-take those. We do evaluate the level of the course and if you passed the class.

CCBS Residency Requirements

At Carolina College of Biblical Studies, we require students seeking an associate degree to take 30 residential credits. Forty-eight residential credits are required in the bachelor’s program and 30 are required for our graduate programs. Every student has a different history so no evaluation will be the same.

If you are interested in learning more about CCBS and how we can assist you in transferring, please contact our admissions office at admissions@ccbs.edu or 910-323-5614. We look forward to assisting you reach your educational goals.