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Tuition Costs & Affordability at CCBS

Can college be affordable? It’s easy to think of sprawling flagship universities and be in shock at their high costs of attendance. However, colleges come in all shapes and sizes! As a small commuter-based school, CCBS strives to offer quality biblical education at an affordable cost. To do this, we maintain a competitive tuition rate, accept all forms of federal financial aid and VA educational benefits, and offer scholarship funds by application to students paying out of pocket.


Tuition is the main component in actual student costs here at CCBS. As a commuter school, we don’t have housing or meals to charge for, so keeping tuition affordable is at the forefront of our budgeting design. While we work to maintain the best quality education and highly accessible delivery methods, CCBS tuition remains on par or far below other similarly-minded Bible colleges in our region. In fact, an undergraduate student who is eligible for the maximum federal Pell Grant will pay almost nothing out of pocket over the course of their program.

Student filling out financial aid forms for tuition assistance.

Financial Aid

Federal financial aid ( or Title IV aid) helps millions of Americans pay for their college degrees. Aside from keeping tuition as affordable as possible, CCBS also awards all forms of federal aid, including Pell Grant and Federal Direct Loans. These are processed directly through the school and any excess is made available to the student after all costs are paid. To access these funds, students should complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) each school year. The school will notify you of your eligibility. In the spring of 2024, 50% of enrolled students used some form of Title IV aid.


Veteran Benefits

CCBS is honored to serve our veteran and active-duty military population. We seek to remove any barriers for our veterans looking for an education, especially by making sure our programs are affordable and accessible. CCBS accepts all forms of active-duty Tuition Assistance, both federal and state funds. To determine eligibility, students should contact their local Education Center. We also certify and receive all forms of VA educational benefits, including the GI Bill (Chapter 33) and Survivors’ and Dependents’ Education Assistance (Chapter 35), as well as Veteran Readiness and Employment funds (Chapter 31). Please visit the Veterans Affairs website for more information about eligibility and applying for these programs.



Well-performing students who do not have access to other forms of financial aid or whose aid does not cover all charges may apply for any of our privately funded scholarships. These scholarships are designed to keep costs affordable for students who may otherwise not be able to pay for their education. Students must submit a scholarship application each year. Applications are reviewed and awarded by a committee of administrators. CCBS awards scholarships on a sliding scale up to 100% of the student’s balance but not to exceed the student’s actual charges. Students can find more information about scholarships on our website.

If you have any further questions or are looking for a quality biblical education at an affordable cost, please visit the CCBS website and contact any of our admissions counselors.