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How a Biblical Counseling Degree Helps Prepare Your Calling

How can a Biblical Counseling degree help further my calling?

I am so glad you asked! Your vocation is how God loves others through you, and Jesus offers healing through the work of His people. There are so many suffering with mental health issues, marital crises, broken and hurt souls, and those who need assistance with life skills. A biblical counseling degree will help enhance your abilities to be a more skilled, effective, and compassionate counselor/leader by using the Word of God to restore hope into the lives of others.


A Biblical Counseling degree can help you minister to those who are hurting.


Does CCBS have a Biblical Counseling degree program?

Of course, we do! Carolina College of Biblical Studies offers a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Counseling either online or on campus. On-campus classes are offered at flexible times in order to meet the needs of our diverse population of students. This program will teach you how to apply biblical principles to specific counseling situations, as well as the theology and methodology of counseling, and so much more.


How can I use a Biblical Counseling degree?

A counseling degree will allow you to have options for a few different paths. You could serve in a hospital/clinic setting, counseling center, local churches, or the mission field. This degree will also prepare you to serve as a ministry leader for either a men’s group or women’s group, a pastor, Christian counselor, or chaplain. To search for state-by-state career paths, visit www.bls.gov.


A Biblical Counseling degree can lead you to become a small group leader.


If your calling is to serve in one of these capacities, this is the degree for you. Remember, your calling is more than a job, it is your divine purpose. This degree will help prepare you for the journey.

Are you ready? Don’t wait, sign up today! If you have any questions, please contact info@ccbs.edu or call (910) 323-5614. We look forward to assisting you in meeting your academic goals.