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Do Employers Acknowledge Online Degrees?

Bethany Minich, Admissions

Virtual learning has become the wave of the future. Most colleges and universities nowadays tend to have some type of online learning option. This was not always the case. If you would have asked an employer 10 years ago if they acknowledged an online degree, their answer was most likely, “No!”

Online learning was not as popular and had not been mainstreamed by many higher education institutions. The schools that did offer online learning were often perceived as “diploma mills.” Most colleges, however, quickly realized that their adult students could not attend in the “traditional” format by attending class several nights a week, several hours at a time. The growth of online programs emerged and schools around the nation jumped on board with virtual learning.

As we see technology continue to advance, online learning options will only continue to grow. Now, while some employers may have negative perceptions for online learning, most hiring practices focus on where the degree was earned, not necessarily the modality.  Employers will typically evaluate the accreditation of the school, realizing the curriculum for campus classes is often replicated in the online programs.

Carolina College of Biblical Studies offers two majors that can be done completely online: Biblical Studies or Leadership & Ministry. The online classes are accelerated, which means they are 5-weeks long…but students take just one class at a time. The online program offers tremendous flexibility and is perfect for a student who cannot attend in a traditional classroom.