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What’s the difference between a Bible college and Christian college?

Many people believe that Bible College and Christian College are the same, when in fact, they are not. While the two have similarities, they also have several differences.  When choosing which school best fits your goals, it’s important to know the facts.


Bible and Christian colleges both provide opportunities for students to enrich their personal walk with God.  More importantly, both types of colleges have their niche in preparing students for kingdom work.

Additionally, both type of colleges offer classes and programs taught through a biblical lens. These classes can include Old and New Testament, ministry, Christian education, missions, counseling, church administration, music ministry, and evangelism.

Bible colleges and Christian colleges may also grant Associate, Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral degrees. They will offer Christian-focused classes and programs to educate students in a spiritual and practical way so that they are prepared for any type of career, whether in full-time ministry or in a non-ministry field.


The biggest difference between a Christian college and a Bible college comes down to whether a student would like to study a broad range of topics through a Christian worldview, or if they would prefer to have an emphasis on the foundational study of Christian theology and ministry.

Christian colleges are typically liberal arts schools and offer arts and science degrees, with the expectation that students will also be taking religious classes.  Bible colleges focus more on Christian leadership and typically offer degrees where the primary purpose is an education in Bible.

While Christian colleges generally offer a Christian culture, Bible colleges emphasize a biblical foundation in every aspect of a student’s life. This can include academic, volunteer, and social organizations. As part of their credits, Bible college students typically participate in chapel events, missions trips, worship groups, or service projects.

Bible colleges also tend to be typically more cost effective than Christian colleges. Colleges who are nationally or regionally accredited will offer Title IV funds through the US Department of Education. This allows students to apply for financial aid funding.

As you can see, there are considerable differences between a Christian college and a Bible college.  Both are extremely valuable educations, and there is a place for both. The choice simply comes down to an individual’s personal goals.

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