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Difference Between a Bible college and a Christian university

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Deciding which college to attend can be a lot to process. We tend to know the differences between a traditional university and a Christian focused college, but what’s the difference between a Bible college and a Christian university?

Carolina College of Biblical Studies is here to help! This is a fair question since there are many similarities between the two.

For example, both:

  • have their niche in preparing students for kingdom work
  • provide experiences for students to grow in their relationship with God
  • offer classes taught through a biblical lens
  • offer classes that educate students in a practical way so they’re ready for any type of career
  • provide a Christian culture and campus organizations that allow students to form close relationships, walk with God, and participate in outreach ministries
  • grant Associate, Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral degrees (such as the new Master in Divinity course offered at Carolina College of Biblical Studies)

Female student happy to be in Bible college class


However, the differences between a Bible college and a Christian university include:

  • Christian colleges are liberal arts schools and offer art & science degrees and courses, in addition to Bible classes.
  • Christian colleges prepare students for secular careers
  • Bible college courses strive to provide more of an emphasis in Bible education
  • Bible colleges focus more on Christian leadership- for example, CCBS offers a servant leadership course
  • Bible colleges primarily prepare students for Christian ministry after graduation
  • Bible colleges require volunteer projects and off-campus ministry events in order to graduate

While both provide a valuable education and there’s certainly a place for both, choosing between a Bible college and Christian university comes down to your personal goals and preferences.

Carolina College of Biblical Studies is a non-denominational Bible college located in Fayetteville, North Carolina. It’s our mission to disciple Christ-followers through biblical higher education, for a lifetime of effective servant leadership. Contact our admissions department today at (910) 323-5614 to learn more about our Bible college!