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Determine Your Calling to Christian Ministries

As a pastor and instructor, I make it a habit to ask Christians, “Are you involved in a church ministry, or are you serving in your local church?” All believers of Jesus Christ should be serving in some capacity in the local church and not just in name only. If you are a Christian, you are to carry out the call of God on your life in the local church. You cannot say you do not have a calling because all believers in Jesus are called to a particular assignment, ministry, or purpose.

There are three ways to identify where you are to serve in the local church.


First, start with your calling.

The call of God is not your profession; it is that place where God wants you to serve. It’s where He wants to fulfill His will through you. For example, when I received my calling, I distinctly heard the voice of the Lord saying, “I want you to preach.” When I accepted that call, God provided additional information to the assignment, which was to pastor and teach. You acknowledge your call through the study of the Word. I encourage believers to be actively engaged in studying the Bible (i.e. devotion, Sunday School, Small Groups, and sermons). These are times when God is speaking to you, to clarify His call. So I ask, “What is your calling?”


Second, determine and gain an understanding of your spiritual gifts.

For Christian ministries to function, there must be people who are gifted to serve in that ministry. If your church offers a course on gifts, take advantage of discovering your gift. Knowing your gift (i.e. service/helps, administration) will help determine where you serve. This could be the Hospitality Ministry, the Mission Team, ministries that aid the pastor, or ministries that serve the senior population. Once you discover your gift understand it’s the Holy Spirit’s job to grow and develop that gift within you. You do not have to be an expert immediately. Gifting is about growing and developing, which is called discipleship. So I ask another question, “What is your spiritual gift?”


Lastly, to serve in Christian ministry, you must answer the question, “What is your passion?”

In answering this question, consider things that really excite you or places you love to serve and avail yourself. Your calling will likely be in an area of service that you’re passionate about and can best use your spiritual gifts. For example, I know people who have served on the Ushers’ Ministry for forty years. They absolutely love welcoming, serving, and guiding people. Someone may have a passion for building things and giving them away. My passion is education. I love to see people learn and grow in God’s Word. So I say to you, “Consider your passion.”

At Carolina College of Biblical Studies, we acknowledge every calling as being from the Lord and are here to help make your calling our mission.

Your calling is our mission at CCBS. Here are two excited students!

Our undergraduate and graduate-level programs are designed to help you become:

  • Pastors
  • Missionaries
  • Christian counselors
  • Christian school teachers
  • Chaplains
  • Ministry leaders
  • Lay leaders
  • Bible translators

When you incorporate your calling, your spiritual gift, and your passion, you will determine where God wants you to serve. When serving in your ministry, you will find joy in meeting the needs of the people in that ministry. Most of all God will be glorified by His spirit working through you. God bless you as you serve!