Helping you be successful

We know you want to do well in your schoolwork. But sometimes returning to school can be hard. Or maybe you just need a little extra help or support. That is why we provide various tutoring opportunities…to help you be successful in your academic pursuits.

We offer access to 24/7 writing assistance through a partnership with Tutor.com. But we also offer peer to peer tutoring by our own students.


Tutor.com – 24/7

CCBS has partnered with Tutor.com to provide students a resource to assist them in their writing. From within your Populi course page, students should be able to access the link for Tutor.com. If the link is not provided, please contact your course instructor.

Each student receives a limited amount of minutes per term. If students exceed their amount, they should contact their Academic Advisor for more. (The limitation is only to prevent one student from using up the entire school’s hours!)

Tutoring options

  1. Connect with a Tutor Now — Students who want to interact with a live tutor should select this option. Within moments, a tutor will connect and assist them with reviewing their paper. (Available 24/7)
  2. Submit a Paper for Review — Students who merely want someone to look over their work and get it back the next day should select this option. Within a 24-hour window (usually much quicker), a tutor will review the paper, add comments, and return.

In addition to receiving valuable assistance in reviewing your paper, every session is recorded. So once you’re done, you can go back at any time to review the session for future assistance.

Peer Tutoring

As a commitment to student success, tutoring is available for Turabian, English grammar, Logos Bible Software, and for other general issues. The purpose of tutoring is to assist students in achieving greater competency in their studies as opposed to completing work for students.

Peer tutors welcome the opportunity to serve you on campus or online, but they are also available on a limited basis. Find out more about our current tutors below and schedule a time to meet with them as available.

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