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Logos Bible Software

About Logos

To help our students be better equipped to complete their degree requirements and to help them be efficient in their study of Scripture, all degree-seeking students are required to purchase Logos Bible Software. Logos is a digital library application designed for electronic Bible study. In addition to basic eBook functionality, it includes extensive resource linking, note-taking functionality, and linguistic analysis for study of the Bible both in English and in its original languages. 

During their first semester, students are granted a permanent license to Logos Bible Software. Currently, students receive Logos 9 full feature set along with a specially selected group of resources, including the entire New American Commentary set (valued at $1,297 in printed materials alone) and the Tyndale Commentaries on the Old and New Testament ($269 value). This entire set of software and resources belongs to the student…forever. 

In addition to the package above, while current students also have temporary access to the Remote Research Library (RRL). This temporary license grants current students an addition 2,700+ resources, providing an every stronger base collection of theological resources. The RRL also grants you access through Logos to more than 40 theological journals.

And CCBS students get all of it for the extremely low price of $300.

Logos Bible Software
Logos Bible Software example 1
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How To Use Logos

Install Logos

The first step is to get Logos loaded. Your account is connected to your @ccbs.edu email account. If you lost your password, then use the “forgot my password” option on their website (www.logos.com). This video will show you how to get started. 

Install Logos Instructions >

Get Started Video >

Read Your Bible In Logos

The second step is to start using Logos to read and study God’s Word. Use the article below to open a Bible and set your preferred Bible translation.

How to Read Your Bible Article >

Read a Bible and Commentary Together >

Keep Learning

The third step is to keep using and learning Logos more and more. The sites below will be helpful as you begin to use Logos. 

Logos Training Website >

Logos YouTube Channel >

Morris Proctor Training Seminars >