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Our mission is your success.

Your calling is our mission. When it comes to your academic success, we are here to support you every step of the way. As an academic institution, we are unapologetically rigorous. However, that doesn’t mean you have to do it on your own. Our advisors, peer tutors, library staff, and more are here to assist you. 


Academic Advising

No worry about getting lost in the masses. Every student is a person with a face and a name. Our academic advisors will know you and help you be successful. Undergraduate students meet with their advisor regularly to know which classes to take and when. Online students have an online advisor that understands their unique needs. 


We realize that many adult students haven’t been in school in a long time. That is why we offer peer to peer tutoring on campus, as well as through remote sessions for those not nearby. Additionally, all classes offer 24/7 writing and tutoring assistance through Tutor.com. Our mission is clear…help you achieve your educational goals and find success. 

Our Goal is Excellence

No school is perfect, we realize that. However, we strive for excellence in our academic and student programs. But excellence requires a team approach. Our faculty are held to high standards. So are our students. Collectively, our institution is also held to high standards. We strive for that goal. The Student Handbook explains the responsibilities of our students to the CCBS community. But when there are issues, we want you to be able to communicate those needs back with us. 

Student Handbook

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Student Complaints

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Finance Office

One of the biggest burdens you’ll face as a student is worrying about paying for your education. At CCBS, we have various options available, from self-pay to federal financial aid to scholarships.

You are encouraged to visit the Finance Office to inquire about these opportunities. When in doubt, ask. You may not know about opportunities that exist to aid your educational goals.

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Need to drop a class? Add a class? Apply to graduate? Or just need a transcript or enrollment verification form for your employer. The Registrar’s Office is the one stop shop for all things related to your educational information.

You can do most of these tasks directly in our student portal, but you can always stop by for a face to face visit to get assistance. If you’re not local, then call the Registrar for assistance with these items.

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