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Continuing Education Units at CCBS

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Carolina College of Biblical Studies is pleased to announce that Christian school teachers can earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) by enrolling in pre-approved Bible and theology courses. CCBS is an approved provider school for the Association of Christian Schools International. In the process, teachers gain valuable truths from God’s Word for personal and professional growth.

Continuing Education Units

Five CEUs can be earned through our signature course, How to Study the Bible. This course explores and practices the basic principles of general hermeneutics. Each student learns and performs the guiding principles that lead to correctly understanding the Bible.

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Furthermore, it establishes healthy patterns of study for lifelong learners whose desire is to accurately handle the Word of Truth (2 Tim. 2:14). Each week skills are taught and practiced making this a hands-on course ideally designed for Bible study students of all perspectives including, schoolteachers, pastors, and lay-leaders.

Continuing Education Courses Available

Based on scheduling and availability, additional Bible and theology courses are qualified for CEUs. For example, a theology course titled Progressive Revelation examines God’s plan for history as it progressively unfolds in the Bible.

Scriptures are systematically traced to determine God’s sovereign program in history. This course especially guides in preparation for properly interpreting a passage in its theological context whether from both the Old and New Testaments.

Advantages of Earning Continuing Education Units at CCBS

There are many advantages to earning approved CEUs through CCBS:

  • Each course meets twice a week for 8 weeks (40 hours)
  • Price per course $125 + books
  • Day or evening classes available
  • Alternative schedule (weekends) available for groups



The challenge to earn the required continuing education units can be achieved by the invitation to enroll in a CCBS course.

Ready to enroll? Complete an application at https://ccbs.edu/apply-today/. If desired, a program of the study can further your ministry training. Earn an associate, bachelor, or master’s degree at CCBS today!