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Church History Course at CCBS

CCBS offers many wonderful, thought-provoking courses. One of the most recent ones that I’ve taken was the Church History course. You may be wondering “What is the Church History course like at Carolina College of Biblical Studies?” “Do I have to be a history buff to do well or to enjoy the class?” The answer is no. The course is described as ‘a survey of the Christian Church from Apostolic times to the present.’ While it may seem daunting and intimidating to study the dates, people, and events from this period in time, especially if you’re not someone who naturally loves history, I’m here to assure you that it’s not as difficult as it might sound. With this in mind, I will share with you my experience completing this course.

It’s important to keep in mind that the difficulty level of this course is dependent on:

  • how much of an aptitude you have towards the subject
  • how much of a desire you have to learn the subject

Fortunately, the latter can change with perspective. You may have a great knack for learning history and really desire to understand the Church History course. However, if you don’t have enough desire to learn, I encourage you to remember that God calls us to go beyond our comfort zones! As Christians, it is valuable to know the history of the church.

Each professor also has a different way of teaching.

I had professor Wesley Scoggins, and I could not have had a better teacher for a fully remote course. He made it clear what was expected each week through email reminders, even though the lessons are online. The workload was consistent, but the textbooks were very informative, and it was clear that if you put the work in, it would pay off.

Professor Scoggins graded fairly, was available to answer questions, and explained the lessons thoroughly. During the class Zoom calls, he was easy going, answered questions, and even offered extra credit for a fun game related to the course. The way he taught made it interesting, easy to learn, and clear why church history was important.

Overall, the Church History course at CCBS is excellent and worth the time to complete.

CCBS puts quality professors in place who have truly mastered their topics for a quality education to occur. All you have to do is be prepared, focused, and determined to learn, and I promise that God will grow vast amounts of fruit in your life.

To apply, visit ccbs.edu/apply.

– Written by K. Sozo, student