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CCBS Certified by The Best Christian Workplace Instititue

The Best Christian Workplace Institute recently certified Carolina College of Biblical Studies (CCBS) as the best Christian workplace. This certification makes CCBS an ideal setting for your biblical studies degrees. A few months ago, CCBS completed the annual Employment Engagement Survey with an overall result of 4.63 on a 5.00 scale. This rating indicates a very healthy work culture that earned the certification as a Best Christian Workplace. Indeed, CCBS improved from the 4.50 score received in 2018. At CCBS we strive to present a top-notch education to every student who joins our family. Read below to learn more about our CCBS family.

Results Measured

We know that often results cannot be measured. However, in this case, we are able to measure our progress by giving out surveys to our staff. These surveys are asking important questions of the employees along various lines. The survey results, measured within the Bible College sector, typically average 4.17. Furthermore, with an overall score of 4.63, CCBS has many substantial strengths compared to other Christian colleges and universities. The scores show an excellent balance across eight primary levels. These results indicate a high level of engagement and satisfaction across the organization. Invitingly, such a high level of satisfaction presents an ideal setting for your biblical studies degree. The satisfaction extends to both undergraduate and graduate levels.

Leadership Qualities

We would like to note that the CCBS leadership team received exceptionally high scores. These high scores demonstrate the particular qualities among the leadership at CCBS. The leadership is inspirational, authentic, and credible. The CCBS leadership team demonstrated this by applying their spiritual giftings. Giftings such as integrity, humility, compassion, and nourishing long-term loyal relationships. To this end, the devoted staff is committed to the mission at CCBS of life-giving work.

Family Values

At CCBS, a Sense of Family became an emerging theme. This makes CCBS an extraordinary workplace because we recognize the following factors about family. Family is key that holds CCBS together. In a family environment, there is mutual respect for one another. Several staff members have commented that their co-Workers are always friendly and approachable. We are one big Christian family with a focus on the main goal, training servant leaders to be lifelong followers of Jesus Christ.

Moreover, in such a Christian environment, the benefits are as follows. More work gets done, each person understands their part in the mission, the staff is engaged, thus leading to less turnover. We can confidently say that CCBS is an excellent place to work and study. If you would like to learn more or join our CCBS family, send us a message today!