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A Premier Institution of Biblical Higher Education

Carolina College of Biblical Studies (CCBS) is your premier institution of biblical higher education.  How do you measure academic excellence? What do you look for when evaluating a quality and credible educational institution? Notably, the vision statement fuels the drive to excel: a premier institution of biblical higher education whose graduates launch and lead healthy ministries worldwide.

It is true, there are many ways to measure academic prestige. Certainly, one of the most valuable qualifying standards of notability is accreditation. Importantly, CCBS is accredited with the Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE). ABHE approval enhances the quality and credibility of this higher educational establishment.  Therefore, students engage in biblical, transformational, higher education while engaging in acts benefitting the Kingdom of Christ.

Hallmarks of a Premier Institution

However, beyond accreditation, what makes CCBS a premier institution of biblical higher education?

Premier Degree Programs

  • Major in Biblical Studies, Apologetics, Leadership & Ministry, or prepare for seminary with our Advanced Theological Studies degree.
  • Minor in Apologetics or Biblical Counselling
  • CCBS now offers a Master’s in Theological Studies
  • A fully degreed, quality education is available online.

Premier Personnel

  • Faculty – All core faculty hold doctoral degrees, as well as the overwhelming majority of all faculty members.  Far beyond the credentials, faculty engage in informal interactions surrounding the formal classroom instruction.
  • Financial Aid – At CCBS, students have an on-site resource person for questions, forms, and all related information.
  • VA Liaison – CCBS is dedicated to supporting our veterans in accessing their benefits.

Premier Admissions

  • Early success of all new students is supported by qualified individuals who monitor progress from application to acceptance to a designated advisor through the initial terms followed by an on-going academic advisor who monitors progress through graduation.

Premier Retention

  • The College is dedicated to student retention with an ever-increasing field of support services.
  • The library databases adequately enable extensive research.
  • CCBS has instituted an in-class recording system enabling students to revisit course content.
  • The college management system has a dual role of serving as the student information system enabling a one-stop focus for student needs.
  • What’s more, the IT Director oversees the entire electronic outlay.

Premier Alumni

  • We measure our success by the countless alumni who launch and lead healthy ministries worldwide as a direct result of their CCBS experience.
  • No statistic or numerical rank can account for the personal commitment a CCBS education demands, or the lifelong impact one sees in our alumni.
  • Through the CCBS Graduate School, alumni have opportunity to continue their ministry preparation.

Attend a Preview Night at this Premier Institution of Biblical Higher Education

  • Your next step?
  • Attend Preview Night to learn more.
    • Supper is served at 6 pm.
    • Information is shared and questions are answered.
    • All attend the “How to Study the Bible” class.
    • The evening’s events conclude at 8 pm.

Upcoming Preview Nights

  • September 5
  • October 24
  • November 21

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