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Becoming an Online Student

What is being an online student at CCBS really like? If you are someone who is needing to fulfill their education through an online format, then this question has probably weighed heavily on your mind. As a current CCBS online student, I will share what it’s been like for me.


“An intelligent heart acquires knowledge, and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge.” (Proverbs 18:15 ESV)


Am I disciplined enough to be an online student?   

One of the first questions that you may be asking yourself is, am I disciplined enough to do school fully online?

There is a preconceived notion that the online student needs a larger bandwidth of self-control than the student physically in the classroom. However, this isn’t always true, and with online school comes flexibility.

Online education is great for parents, working adults, individuals in full-time ministry, or anyone who simply needs the ability to choose their own schedule. The faculty at CCBS are awesome at being relaxed where it makes sense, while giving high quality education at the same time.

The staff understands that not everyone attending CCBS is fresh out of high school and thus may need time to adjust. Typically, the students at CCBS who choose the online path, are working individuals with families who desire to grow their biblical knowledge base.

For those seeking biblical knowledge, CCBS is a great place to acquire it!



Do I have enough time?

Some other practical questions to answer are, how much of a time commitment would my classes be? How hard are the classes?

Life is busy. I am a mother of two and had my youngest while being an online student at CCBS. While school is certainly a commitment, it can still fit into a busy schedule if you are intentional.

For example, deciding how many hours a week it will take to complete your assignments not only requires some planning, but depends on if you’re taking eight or sixteen-week classes. Eight-week classes are more intense and finish faster.


Online students Zooming into class

I was determined to finish my bachelor’s at lightning speed, so I always maxed out how many classes I could take per semester. The amount of time that you dedicate to your classes is dependent on:

  • how fast and efficiently you work,
  • the number of assignments,
  • and the specific classes you are taking

However, being an online student is a learning experience that helps you become more disciplined.


What makes CCBS stand out as a premium Bible school is the plethora of faculty who help every student, whether on-campus or online. They strive to disciple them through biblical higher education for a lifetime of effective servant leadership.

CCBS also feels like family; you can even sense it from across the computer screen! The staff is friendly and work hard to give you the ministry training needed!

The CCBS Staff is here to help!

If you are someone who wants to pursue biblical knowledge in action, then CCBS is the right place for you. I hope to see you become a member of the CCBS family.

Karen S., student