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Attending Bible College


If you have chosen to pursue a Christian education, you will find both Christian schools and Bible colleges while conducting your search.   During your school search you may also be asking yourself, “Who attends Bible college?” or “Am I a candidate for a Bible or Christian college?” “What is the difference between Bible college and a Christian college?”  

Bible college vs. Christian college

Those attending Bible college typically plan to go into full-time ministry. Students often feel they are responding to God’s call to pursue ministry after they graduate. This may include planting a church, mission work, pastoring, evangelizing, or even children’s ministry.

Holy Bible imageStudents attending Bible college may also use their degree as a stepping stone to seminary. If you are not planning to attend seminary, not to worry. Bible college is still a great option for you.

Bible colleges are typically smaller in size and there is an emphasis on the foundational study of Christian theology, practice, and ministry.  The primary purpose is to receive an education in Bible. Christian colleges are usually liberal art schools and offer a wide range of topics and degrees.

Who Attends Bible College?

Both men and women attend Bible college. In fact, at CCBS, about half of our students are men, and half are women. You do not have to be of a certain denomination to attend Bible college. Some Bible colleges may be affiliated with a denomination or church, while other schools, like CCBS, are non-denominational.

Additionally, students of all ages can attend Bible college. Some individuals may have just graduated high school while other students choose to pursue their degree later in life. In addition to our campus class in Fayetteville, North Carolina, CCBS offers an online degree program for those students who are working full-time and may not have the flexibility to attend class during the week.

Career Opportunities

Thousands of Bible College students go on to be counselors, educators, social workers, authors, and members of college faculties. A Bible College degree can also provide the opportunity to become a pastoral associate, a missionary, a Bible translator, an educational program director, a lay leader, and more.

Answer your call
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We understand there are a lot of questions when considering which school is right for you and possibly attending Bible College.  Whether you attend a Bible college or Christian university, we hope you answer God’s calling for your life.

If we can assist you in taking the next step, please feel free to contact us at 910-323-5614 or request more information online: https://www.ccbs.edu/contact-us/request-information/