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Are Bible college faculty trained?

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If you’ve read our previous blog articles, you already know the difference between a Bible college & a Christian university. But have you ever wondered if Bible college faculty are fully trained?

The answer is yes. To be an accredited institution that grants degrees, the US Department of Education requires the faculty of such a school to have the credentials to teach at that level.

In other words, we cannot just have God loving men and women teach. They must also hold accredited degrees that relate to what they teach.

That is exactly what we have at Carolina College of Biblical Studies.

To teach at the undergraduate level, the professor must have at least a master’s degree in that field. At CCBS, 100% of our Bible college faculty members hold a master’s degree.

To teach in the graduate program, the professor must have a doctorate degree in that field. Currently, 50% of our faculty also hold a doctorate.

Doctorates aren’t all the same. In the world of education and theology, three major types of doctorates are available. These are:

  1. Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.)- for those who are involved in practical, daily ministry
  2. Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)- for those who are involved in higher education such as administration, faculty development, or college leadership
  3. Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)- for those who are doing either higher level research in a field or who focus on teaching in that field.

The last nuance of higher education is to have not just a doctorate, but a doctorate in a particular field of study. You want the person teaching theology to have a doctorate in theological studies.

At CCBS, our teaching faculty have a wide variety of backgrounds to suit the various courses and degrees we offer.

The types of doctorates that our faculty holds are: Apologetics (8.33%), Disciple-Making (4.17%), Education (8.33%), English (8.33%), Leadership (12.5%), Pastoral Ministry (20.83%), Preaching (12.5%), Psychology (4.17%), Theological Studies (16.67%), Worship (4.17%).

We have over 40  faculty members, but a few of them include-

Bible college faculty member Dr. Jamale Johnson has been serving as a CCBS pastoral ministries & bible book classes since 2002.

He holds degrees such as:

  • B.A. in Economics from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte
  • M.S. in Economics from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte
  • Master of Divinity from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • Th.M. from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • D.Min. in Prophetic Preaching from United Theological Seminary
  • Ed.D. in Teaching Strategies from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminar

Secondly, Bible college faculty member Dr. John Hartog, is has been an online adjunct professor of theology & biblical studies here at CCBS since 2016.

Caucasian Bible college faculty member John Hartog

He’s obtained a:

  • B.A. in Biblical Languages from Calvary University
  • M.A. in Biblical Studies from Faith Baptist Seminary
  • Master of Divinity from Faith Baptist Seminary
  • Th.M. in Historical Christian Theology from Grace Seminary
  • M.A. in Classical and Near Eastern Studies from the University of Minnesota
  • Th.D. in Systemic Theology from Central Baptist Theological Seminary


Lastly, Mrs. Naomi Hooks has been a Bible college faculty member at CCBS since 2016. She serves as one of our English professors.

Her degrees include a:

  • B.S. in Middle School Education from Fayetteville State University
  • M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction from Piedmont International University
  • and is currently earning her Ph.D. in Curriculum Design and Instruction from Northcentral University


Because your calling is our mission, we make sure that our Bible college faculty members are fully qualified and prepared to help mentor you. To learn more about our faculty, visit www.ccbs.edu.