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Course Audits

Our Mission

Our mission as a bible college is to disciple Christ-followers for a lifetime of effective mature service. To this end, we offer mature non-degree seeking Christians who desire to deepen their faith a number of course audits that value the authority of Scripture, the supremacy of Jesus Christ, educational integrity, multi-ethnicity, and ministry capability.

course audits

  • Students not wishing to pursue an associate or bachelor’s degree but wish to audit a course in a focused area of study should complete the following admissions process:
    • Submit a completed application for admission (available on website) 
    • Submit official high school transcript (HiSET or GED as proof of high school equivalency) and submit all college transcripts.
  • Certificate students who choose to enroll into a degree program may have their prior certificate courses applied to their degree by paying the difference in the current credit hour price and the certificate course price. The requests must be made within one year of completing the final certificate course.
  • Audit students take classes for personal growth and spiritual benefit without receiving college credit. Audit students are not required to take exams or write papers. The only requirement is attendance. No grades or credit are given to the audit student, except in the case of the How to Study the Bible course.
    • How to Study the Bible students who satisfactorily complete the course and wish to receive college credit must apply as a certificate or degree seeking student within 12 months of completing the course to receive college credit.