Catalogs, Transcripts, Withdrawls, & Graduation


The Registrar is responsible for academic records and credentials, from transfer credits to transcripts to diplomas. Everything from registration, class attendance, adding/dropping a class, and even your permanent academic record is maintained under the Registrar. Some of the main areas are explained below, but you are encouraged to contact the Registrar’s Office whenever you need assistance. 

Academic Catalogs

Below are the current catalogs for each program. Students are required to be familiar with the current catalog, policies, and procedures. While a student’s Degree Audit applies to the catalog year they began, the policies and procedures are based on the current catalog edition.




June 3 – Aug. 4

Summer Break: July 1 – July 7



Fall A:
Aug. 12 – Dec. 15
Fall B:
Aug. 12 – Oct. 6
Fall C:
Oct. 14 – Dec. 15

Labor Day: Sept. 2
Fall Break: Oct. 7–13
Thanksgiving: Nov. 25– Dec 1




Spring A:
Jan. 13 – May 11
Spring B:
Jan. 13 – Mar. 9
Spring C:
Mar. 17 – May 11

Spring Break: March 10 – 16



Registrar Services

The following section answers students’ most frequently asked questions of the Registrar. If you still need assistance, contact the Registrar at or (910) 323-5614. 

The following section answers students’ most frequently asked questions of the Registrar. If you still need assistance, contact the Registrar at or (910) 323-5614. 


Audit students take classes for personal growth and spiritual benefit without receiving college credit. Audit students are not required to take exams or write papers. See the current tuition and fees for audit prices. 

To audit a class, complete the Audit Registration application. 


Incoming students will be assisted with their initial course registration by their Admissions Counselor. 

Current students will register for classes in Populi, the student course portal. Once registration opens, the “Registration” tab will appear in your Populi profile. The “How Do I Register for Courses?” article from Populi support will explain in more detail along with images. 



Students may add a class until the end of the Drop/Add Period for the term at the discretion of the instructor. The student is responsible for making up any missed coursework and/or lecture time at the discretion of the professor and will be charged the full tuition amount.

Any missed lecture time prior to registering for the course is still counted toward the student’s total absences.


Students drop a class when they wish to be removed from the course. Students must drop the course within the Drop/Add Period. Dropped courses will not appear on the student’s academic transcript. Concerning possible refunds, see the current Refund Policy.


16-Week Seated Class End of Week 3
8-Week Online or Intensive Class End of Week 1



After the Drop/Add Period has closed, students must request an official withdrawal from the Registrar to be removed from a course. Students are only allowed to withdraw for a certain period of time per the withdrawal schedule below.

16-Week Seated Classes Weeks 4–9
8-Week Online or Intensive Classes Weeks 2–5

Any withdrawals after this period may only be allowed for significant conditions beyond the student’s control (e.g., serious illness documented by a physician’s letter) at the discretion of the Provost.

Withdrawals are not permitted in the last week of class for any reason.

Withdrawing renders the course grade of W (if passing) or WF (if failing). These grades are not considered when calculating GPA, but they may impact a student’s satisfactory academic progress as it relates to financial aid. Therefore, it is highly recommended you contact the Financial Aid Director prior to withdrawing.

Students who wish to withdraw from a course are required to make an official contact via email to the Registrar at In all cases, the date of withdrawal is the date the form/email is received. Students can access withdrawal forms via the website or the Registrar’s Office.

No refund will be processed for withdrawals.


You can print an enrollment verification for your employer or scholarship application through Populi. From your student tab, choose “Print Enrollment Verification.” This will print a letterhead document with your current program of study and current course enrollment. 

The “How to Find Your Academic Information” article in Populi support may be a good visual resource.


Graduation is an exciting time as we celebrate your accomplishments. In January, the Registrar will email all eligible students concerning completing their application for graduation. If you believe you are eligible but have not been contacted, then please contact the Registrar’s Office.

Application for Graduation Form >


Transcripts are available upon request. Copies of official transcripts are $5 each. Current students have access to their unofficial transcripts through Populi and may print a copy themselves at no cost. Official transcripts will not be released if the student has an outstanding balance with the college. To make requests, complete a Transcript Request Form.

Recent graduates



The following form is required for students wishing to withdraw from a class after the simple drop period is over. 

Course Withdrawal Form >

Program Declaration

The following form is required by undergraduate students wishing to declare a major/minor or move on to the next degree level (associate to bachelor). 

Graduate students who completed the Master of Arts in Theological Studies wishing to move on to the Master of Divinity program will need to complete the MDiv Declaration Form. 

Undergraduate Program Declaration Form >

Master of Divinity Declaration Form >

Application for graduation

The following form is required by all students wishing to apply for graduation in the coming spring. 

Application for Graduation Form >