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Bachelor of Arts in Apologetics

Defend the Historic Christian Faith

This four-year program is designed to provide wide exposure to apologetic topics and philosophies while refining a God-honoring philosophy reflecting reality and the revelation of the Creator. The BA in Apologetics includes studies in logic, philosophy, ethic, and classical theism.



120 Semester Hours

Average Completion Time
4 Years

Campus or Online

student with president on graduation

You Might Like This Program If…

  • You want to be able to speak into the culture about biblical issues
  • You want to think logically and critically about theology
  • You want to defend the biblical faith once delivered to the saints

Program Objectives

Each student will be able to:

  • Defend the orthodox, historic Christian faith from a variety of attacks
  • Engage people of various worldviews with a persuasive case for the Christian faith
  • Clarify a comprehensive, God honoring Christian philosophy
  • Research for preparation to enter graduate studies in apologetics or philosophy of religion
  • Cultivate intellectual virtue, particularly wisdom, to live one’s witness as well as defend it 

Potential Career Paths

  • Pastor
  • Para-church ministry writer and presenter
  • Missionary

Sample Course Outline

Year 1:  Spiritual Formation, NT Survey, Principles of Teaching
Year 2:  Hermeneutics, Evangelism & Missions, Introduction to Biblical Counseling
Year 3:  Introduction to Apologetics, Logic & Critical Thinking, Apologetic Communication
Year 4:  Contemporary Apologetics, Ethics, Problems in Contemporary Apologetics


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Meet the Faculty