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A Sense of Belonging at Carolina College of Biblical Studies!

A Sense of Belonging at Carolina College of Biblical Studies (CCBS): We are Family!

Recent CCBS graduates reflected on a sense of belonging that motivated them to persist in achieving a bachelor’s degree in biblical studies.  Critical to every aspect of their persistence experience was a relational link.  Family-like relationships endeared and bonded these graduates to the administration, faculty, and fellow students so that a drive to finish overcame the continual challenges.

Relationships Inspire a Sense of Belonging

  • Daniel was grateful for that “one-on-one personal engagement [which] made a big difference during my matriculation.  That personal touch making us feel like we’re part of family.”
  • Zion agreed, “It’s the relationship, I mean, from top to the bottom. It’s the relationships you live for that you had in college.”
  • Nathan was passionate, “The faculty were so proactively involved in relationships in a professional manner that it kept me academically sharp.  The interaction I had with the professors was great, and it continued …. The relationships would drive me.”

A Sense of Belonging Overcomes Initial Apprehensions for Reentry

A sense of belonging was felt immediately with a welcoming environment.  Besides that, a campus connectedness served as a protective factor against dropping out of school.  Surprisingly, all the fears associated with the prospect of re-entering college were put to rest with the serendipitous experience opposite of what was expected.  Again, the graduates speak for themselves:

  • Zion’s initial impression drove the stakes deep: “My experience here at the college was amazing, because you enter as such a skeptic ….   So, when I got here, what made this college so amazing [is] …they make you feel so welcome.”
  • Isaiah was also very personal in his convictions, stating, “coming into school, after being [out of college] so many years, was so difficult.  But it was a great environment.”

A Sense of Belonging Addresses Cultural Apprehensions

As graduates noted, cultural apprehensions were met with a sense of belonging through unconditional acceptance of all ethnicities. Cultural concerns were eliminated because the students witnessed a loving, caring, and welcoming spirit.  Furthermore, being well received opened the door for spiritual formation resulting in a wholesome satisfaction.

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