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A Partnership Between CCBS & SES

Partnerships are often the beginnings of something uniquely beautiful and quite amazing. In this case, the partnership between CCBS and Southern Evangelical Seminary (SES) has developed and enriched countless students’ lives for the kingdom of Christ. CCBS does have an in-house graduate program; however, when students are looking to complete a specific degree track, they may work with another top-notch school in the area, like SES. For CCBS, the Bachelor of Arts in apologetics has been a fast-growing degree track that seeks to equip the students with the ability to combat worldviews.

What is apologetics?

Apologetics derives from the Greek word “apologia,” which means speaking in defense. Anyone who claims the Christian faith needs to provide the reasons for the hope that is in them. CCBS is one of the few colleges in the country offering a full B.A. in (Classical) Apologetics. Moreover, the program is uniquely designed to refine skills and provide a broad base integrating apologetics with missions, theology, evangelism, hermeneutics, and linguistics. The classes complement each other so that students build a web of knowledge, fully interconnected, representing the biblical worldview and taking every thought captive. Additionally, the program is designed for those with absolutely no apologetics background. Students are able to integrate quickly into the program and flourish in their studies while putting what they learn into practice immediately.

Dr. Thomas McCuddy says,

“Many students don’t know that CCBS and Southern Evangelical Seminary (SES) Charlotte have an agreement. Anyone graduating from CCBS with a bachelor’s degree may receive 10% off tuition for the entire master’s program! This discount applies to any student with any bachelor’s degree, not just apologetics. For those interested in apologetics, no school in the States offers a better program at the master’s level in uniting apologetics and evangelism to defend and share the faith.”

Why consider an apologetics degree?

Most students who pursue apologetics are looking for specialized training in how to defend the Christian faith. In addition, they learn to combat the ideas presented by the world and apply a biblical approach to every conversation. Students generally use this degree to pursue pastoral and ministerial work or launch a ministry within their calling.

Here is what a recent graduate and pastor have said about his experience with the degree program.

Grant Lubowski says,

“I chose SES because I wanted a master’s degree from a place that it would truly mean something. SES is one of the leading schools for training in classical apologetics. So, it just makes sense that I would seek a degree from there.”

Who should I contact?

Click here to learn more about CCBS and the apologetics degree track! If you have specific questions, please reach out to our admissions team at admissions@ccbs.edu or Dr. Thomas McCuddy at tmccuddy@ccbs.edu Our advisors at www.ccbs.edu are always happy to help!