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A Christmas Challenge from Our CCBS President

This season at CCBS we have a Christmas challenge from the CCBS president. I love the story of Christmas as presented by the gospels of Matthew and Luke. You know the story well, a pregnant young woman, some shepherds in the Judean hills, and some wise men from the east. My mind focuses on three distinct statements from the story. 

This leads me to ask these three questions:

  • When the shepherds were told the newborn King’s news, they “came in haste” to see for themselves. After seeing the baby, King, and Savior of the world, they went away, telling others the good news (Luke 2:17). This Christmas season, who do you rub shoulders with who needs to hear the good news? When will you tell them?
  • Mary, the young mother of baby Jesus, observed the shepherds coming to see Jesus, and her response was to “treasure up all these things, pondering them in her heart (Luke 2:19). As she considered, she gave special consideration, mulled over, meditated upon the happenings of that first Christmas. This season can be hectic. Will you choose to slow down a bit and ponder the true meaning of the Savior’s birth?
  • Sometime later, the wise men arrived in Bethlehem and presented their gold, frankincense, and myrrh gifts to the newborn King (Matthew 2:11). That action leads to a third question, “what gift will you give Jesus this year?” Will it be time to serve Him as you help others, treasure you labored for, a talent you’ve honed to usefulness? Answer this statement, “This year, my gift to Jesus will be ….”

A Christmas Challenge from Our CCBS President.

Who will you tell? What will you ponder? And What gift will you give the King? Three great questions to consider and act upon this Christmas.

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