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6 Keys to Success for Adult Learners

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Perhaps you are pursuing a lifelong dream, changing careers, or completing a degree you started years ago.  Whatever your unique story is, we already know you have an exciting journey ahead of you. We also know how daunting earning a degree may seem. You are likely balancing a busy schedule between work, home, family, and hobbies. And, you may be wondering how you will manage it all. That’s why we created our 6 Keys to Success for Adult Learners guide.

6 Keys to Success for Adult Leaners E-Book

Many adults feel that a college education is out of reach because of other responsibilities. They have found, however, that many colleges offer programs specifically designed for the adult learner. Most accredited colleges offer online programs which offer greater flexibility than sitting in a traditional classroom. The good news is that going to college as an adult learner is absolutely possible. Carolina College of Biblical Studies offers classes on campus, online, and through Zoom. Students at CCBS have found these options allow them to manage their commitments, while also taking college classes.

Carolina College of Biblical Studies encourages you to download our free eBook, “6 Keys to Success for Adult Learners“. At CCBS our goal is to help students succeed. We believe that these six keys can assist you with realizing your college aspirations can become a reality. Prepare yourself to be a successful adult learner with these steps to success.

The admissions department at CCBS would love to assist you with your college journey. We can be reached at 910-323-5614 or admissions@ccbs.edu. Interested in visiting? Attend our next Preview Night to visit the campus and learn more about the programs we have to offer.

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